7 Top Things to Put on Your Baseball Equipment List

Do you want to play baseball and you aren’t sure what you need to play? Read this article for a baseball equipment list of what you need.

As the weather starts to turn to spring, baseball season is once again upon us.

Whether you are helping a child get their first experience at the plate or a veteran returning for a season, you need to make sure you have the gear to compete!

We have a quick and quality rundown of all the essential items on your baseball equipment list. Get ready to play some ball!

1. A Quality Baseball Bat

Nothing is a better symbol of baseball than a good bat. Often made out of either wood or aluminum, getting a quality bat is an expensive purchase.

Now the note here is that you don’t need a bat. Often, a league will have bats available. For a private practice, most batting cages have practice bats.

That said, nothing beats the symbolic dive into baseball like having a bat to call your own.

2. Baseball Glove

Everyone will need a good baseball glove. The basic type you need will be a fielder’s glove. However, you’ll need a different type of glove if you play catcher, in which case you will want to learn about the catchers mitt sizing.

Most of these gloves come in leather or synthetic faux leather. The important aspects are the correct size and trusted brand name.

Make sure you break in your baseball glove before the first practice. They can be too stiff to use right out of the box.

3. Baseball Cleats

Baseball cleats do more than keep you from being barefoot on the field. The design of good cleats keeps your footing strong as you race back and forth to catch the ball.

Your cleats will take the most punishment out of all your gear, so take care of them outside the game and buy high quality to save on replacements.

4. Large Storage Bag

You will have a lot of gear, even more so if you are the catcher. So you need a carrying case that holds everything in one.

Quality cases like the e2 Catcher’s Case are great examples of size and efficiency. It is better to go big and have extra space than to go too small and need a new bag.

5. Clothing and Cup

A league will often provide uniforms. If not, they will have a special area to buy one. What counts is what you wear under the uniform.

You will need good socks, sliding shorts, athletic supporters, and a cup. This will keep you comfortable and safe for anything that goes down on the field.

6. Mouth Guard and Helmet

The most important thing to protect, of course, is your head. You will need a solid mouthguard and a good batting helmet.

A mouthguard can take some getting used to, but it will be worth it to protect your teeth from that intense surprise ball that comes your way.

The helmet will be for batting when the aim is to have baseballs soaring right at you!

7. Water Bottle and Sunglasses

The last items on the list are for your overall health and quality of life.

Keeping hydrated is super important, so a water bottle nearby is always a must. Even if there is a cooler available, having your supply can be a clutch.

Sunglasses protect your eyes during downtime. When you don’t need to focus, they can be lifesavers.

Filling Up Your Baseball Equipment List

You got your baseball equipment list checked out and your gear in order, now you are ready to dive right in and play some quality baseball.

To keep up with the game, and anything else sports-related, the Sports Chump has you covered! We have news coverage, editorials, and more, so come on in and check out our other articles!

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