Things You Can Do to Help an Alcoholic

Watching someone you know with alcohol use disorder is difficult, especially someone you love the most. In this kind of situation, you will want to change your loved one’s lifestyle; even the person does not want your help.

A person suffering from alcoholism is psychologically and physically dependent on alcohol. He or she is unable to control their drinking habit or do not want to quit knowing that it can cause problems. Addiction of any drug can affect the social and professional life of a person and also the health.

No matter, the person has developed mild patterns of an alcohol use disorder, it can cause severe complications in the future. So, it is better to have early treatment. It all depends on the person whether he or she is willing to start a sobriety journey. Family members and friends can also help such a person. They can provide alcohol counselling for their loved ones. In this article, we will guide you on how you can help your loved one, family member, or friend.


Understand Alcohol Use Disorder

First of all, you need to make sure that your friend or family member is addicted to alcohol. If a person is drinking too much from time to time, then it is suffering from alcohol use disorder. Furthermore, such a person can be pointed out from social habits. However, it is difficult to say because an alcoholic person often says that they only have one drink.


What You are Going to Say

Let the person know that you care for him or her and available for help. You should formulate positive and supportive statements. Approach your addicted family member and let it know that you care, and he or she should quit drinking as it is not suitable for the health and professional life. You should tell them about the adverse effects, such as economic problems or violent behavior. Instead of saying, “You are an alcoholic, and you need help,” you can say, “I care for you because you are important to me. You are drinking too much, and I am concerned about your health.”


Right Place and Right Time

Many of us do not care about time and place. Well, you should avoid such mistakes and choose a time perfect for the conversation. Furthermore, choose a place which has privacy and quiet. You should also prevent interruptions so the person can have full attention. Additionally, make sure the person is not upset and sober when you talk with him.


Offer Your Support

We cannot force someone who does not want treatment. We can only offer our help and support. It is all up to the person whether he or she wants our help. Instead of getting angry and disappointed, imagine yourself in the same condition and think about what your reaction will be.

Maybe your friend wants to quit drinking, but it is a challenging task. You should urge them to have a formal treatment program. Tell them that you are ready to help them throughout the process. You can also involve other family members and friends. To learn more about the drug rehab program in the UK.

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