Things You Might Not Know About Cigars

There are hundreds of thousands of cigars in the market which can sometimes make you get bogged down by endless choices, confusing messages, and opinions posing as fact. This makes it a complicated and confusing hobby even for a longtime smoker.

To get more information related to cigars, keep reading this article that aims to give insight and perspective to every level of cigar aficionado whether you are a noob or a pro.

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Cigars are a Natural and Artisanal Product

Cigars are made of only one thing; tobacco. Pure and unadulterated tobacco. Not a single leaf is chemically treated or artificially mixed for the taste. Everything from flavor to color is achieved through natural means and that is the only part of the cigar’s inherent beauty.

Few consumable products are so natural like perceptible flavors that are naturally occurring. The various shades of brown are achieved through an organic process free of dyes or ripening accelerants. Also, premium cigars don’t contain any preservatives to increase the shelf life and no sweeteners, artificial or natural. Such products are used in cigarettes and machine-made cigars which are produced in billions.

On the other hand, rolling the perfect handmade cigar is an artisanal skill. While blending tobacco is as much art as it is science and because tobacco is subject to the idea of nature, the blender should be able to work efficiently with an ingredient that can change from year to year due to crop variation.

Hundreds of Pairs of Hands in Making

It is often said that around 200 pairs of hands touch your cigar before it reaches you. This simply means that whenever you light a cigar, many people with different skills are contributing to bringing you the ultimate handmade product.

It all starts with seed selection and greenhouse cultivation. At first, cigar tobacco starts as a tiny seed that is most often planted in a tray and grown in a greenhouse. Once the seedlings grow to a few inches high, they are then transplanted to the fields where they can flourish.

When they reach full height and maturity, the leaves are removed by hand and then harvested and hung in a curing barn to dry and turn brown. After that, the cured tobacco is taken to a facility, unpacked, and piled up for fermentation. After the fermentation completes, the tobacco pile is separated and laid on a drying rack to let the air out.

After that, it is repacked and stowed for aging. After a few years, the aged tobacco is unpacked again, rehydrated in a special chamber, and categorized for color. During this process, the outer wrapper leaves will also undergo a destemming process where the thick, central vein is removed from the leaf. Sometimes this process is completely carried out by my hands

The next step is the rolling process which requires appointed factory workers to dole out the proper proportions of aged tobacco to the rollers each day. A cigar roller takes his piles to the table and creates a cigar according to the cigarmaker’s blend, bunching and rolling each cigar by hand. Although the blend is formulated of exacting proportions of very specific tobaccos to impart a particular smoking experience.

Finished cigars are sorted out according to color consistency and are sent to the aging room. Finally, they are banded up, boxed, and sent out. These were the basic steps of how cigars are made. However, many other quality-control steps vary from operation to operation.


These were some of the things that you might know about cigars. Although, premium cigars are entirely handmade. So, if you are looking for quality cigars or premium ones then you can buy them from Sunburst Smoke Shop which is a popular smoke shop in Peoria, Arizona.

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