Thinking Of a New Career for 2019? Here Are Some Ideas!

Career changes can be a daunting and overwhelming journey for anyone. Whether you are feeling restless at a career you have had for several years or if you are looking for a change after just a few years, looking for a new career can be challenging. Although career changing is now more common in today’s job market, finding the right career to start your new journey can be difficult.

Here are some career ideas that can be great for everybody:

  1. Start a Small Business – What better way to change up your career by working for yourself? Starting a small business today is easier than ever. There are many options for starting a small business. An easy way to kickstart a business is to offer services or products. Online marketplaces such as eBay or Etsy have made it easier to sell goods directly to customers. Offering services such as eldercare or event planning can help you stay independent but also have a viable income. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can be an entrepreneur from the comfort of their home.
  2. Be part of the Collaborative Economy– A big part of the modern economy is the collaborative-sharing economy. Thanks to apps such as Uber and Airbnb, people can create an income based on sharing their goods with others. Working as a driver for a ridesharing app is a great way to make money with your own car. It’s a great way to set your own hours and meet new people.
  3. Work as a Social Media Manager – Social media has become an integral part of our lives. It is the way people communicate and connect with one another. It has also become a major career choice for many people. If you love using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms, you might enjoy using them in your career. Social media managers are in high demand from almost every industry. This job is great for those looking for a more creative job and those that enjoy storytelling.
    Social Media Manager
  4. Consider becoming a Financial Planner – A financial planner is a career that actually benefits those that have had a lot of work experience in different fields. Financial planners are in demand from many industries as well. Everyone is looking for someone to show them how to manage their finances. Most financial planners have a bachelor’s degree and a CFA or CPA. However, these certifications do not take long to earn so you can begin working right away. This job is great for those who love to analyze or have a flair for numbers. It can also be great for those that are great communicators as you often have to work with a variety of people from different fields.
  5. Travel as an ESL Teacher- If you have been stuck in an office all these years, but looking to change your surroundings, incorporating travel into your job could be a good idea for your new career. Working as an ESL teacher abroad can give you a great experience of working with people and traveling. Different countries have different requirements, but usually, most places will ask for a TESL certification and you can often work while you are earning the certification. As the world becomes more and more globalized, English is fast becoming the shared language for businesses and economies all over the world. This has called for an increase in English teachers globally. Take this opportunity to not just change up your career, but also your lifestyle.

Career change can be scary, but what better way to start the New Year with a new change of pace? Long gone are the days of staying at the same job for years and years. More and more, people are changing their career paths based on their ever-changing interests.

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