Three Cases for Success in USANA Direct Selling

If you’re looking to start your own business, make a little extra money, or set your work hours from home—you’ve likely come across direct sales. With low startup costs, minimal overhead, and flexibility, direct selling checks a lot of boxes for small business ownership.

It’s a great avenue for entrepreneurs—with all the excitement, independence, and risk that comes with it. And finding the right company to partner with is everything.

Founded in 1992 by Dr. Myron Wentz, USANA Health Sciences is a U.S.-based company that manufactures high-quality supplements, along with world-class skincare, energy, and weight-management products in its FDA-registered facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

USANA’s direct selling retail model is dedicated to helping you get the most out of life—including your own engaging, sustainable, and ultimately financially successful USANA business. As a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), USANA is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Thousands of USANA Associates around the globe have a shared goal—to make a difference. Our core values—excellence, community, integrity, and health—are central to all we do. At USANA, you’re surrounded by those who are passionate about health and committed to service. We call it the USANA family. Our amazing Associates worldwide have incredible stories to share.

Ana Puerto—Bogotá, Colombia

Ana joined USANA because she saw excellence in both its products and people. Now she pursues that same excellence with a grateful, optimistic attitude.

“I first noticed USANA’s scientific support and professionalism,” she says. “I saw a company with the highest commitment to quality and technology. Over time, I continued to see this excellence reflected in the USANA family.”

A USANA business allows Ana to pursue personal growth, meet people from different countries and cultures, and earn as she continues to work for her family business. “I always have room to grow and a team who supports me,” she says.

Each day, Ana strives for personal success—to fully live life according to her values, principles, goals, and dreams. “Along my path to find my place with USANA, I have learned many things,” she says. “Living in gratitude and sharing the gifts I’ve been given are so important to me. And I know my future is in my hands.”

Ana has worked hard to achieve her goals. And she is forever grateful for the lessons she’s learned and the people she’s met and supported. With a sincere heart, she shapes the future by helping others form a solid foundation for long-term health.

Brenda Sillas—California, United States

“Life.” It’s the one word Brenda uses to describe her association with USANA.

She joined USANA because she trusted the products to support her healthy lifestyle and be a fantastic complement to her private health coaching practice in San Diego, California. “The greatest benefit of partnering with USANA is how it empowers me to help others support a healthy life,” Brenda says. “But I also feel like I’m part of a strong community.”

With her feet firmly planted and clear goals in mind, Brenda has her eyes on the future. “My proudest achievement so far is the consistency of my USANA business,” she says. “I’m in this for the long haul, so I always stay mindful of how I’d like to improve. Ongoing consistency proves I’m making the USANA lifestyle my everyday life.”

Though Brenda has been with USANA for a short time, she’s already seen incredible growth.  “I define success by how much I enjoy the present moment,” Brenda says. Armed with steady resolve, a love of sharing healthy habits, and experience in the health and wellness industry, she’s following her path to success. 

Zandro Lozano—Rome, Italy

As a USANA Associate in Italy, Zandro has found unique ways to stay motivated and optimistic. “I started my USANA business in 2018 for my health and the opportunity to change my life for the better,” he says. “Over the years, I’ve loved the opportunity of running my own business and traveling to meet new people.”

And after realizing optimal health and business success, Zandro is passionate about sharing his newfound freedom and motivation. “Building teams and helping others has been my greatest achievement with USANA,” he says. “And my goal is to continue doing just that—guiding others to succeed.”

When sharing USANA, Zandro builds strong relationships with potential customers and team members before highlighting health and business opportunities. “I need to know their needs before I can connect USANA to their lives,” he says. “USANA provides opportunities that can better anyone’s life—you only need to help them understand how.”

Zandro’s keen insight keeps him motivated. “You can’t go back and change what’s done, but you can start where you are and change the ending,” he says—it’s the ideology for his successful business strategy. “Success is about pursuing business goals without losing sight of your personal goals. You’ll lose sight of both if you focus too much on what’s behind you.”

Join the USANA Family

Whether your goal is to buy premium products at a discount, dip your toe into the selling pool, or challenge your potential, get started as a USANA Associate here.

Success in direct selling, whether part time or full time, is about connecting with people, offering high-quality products, and giving great customer service. With the right expectations and attitude, it may be perfect for you.

Life begins right outside your comfort zone. Explore new talents. Challenge yourself. Do something different. Open yourself up to new possibilities. As you develop your USANA business, you’ll find confidence as you see the impact you’re making in the lives of others. Your future is what you make it.

*The earnings/lifestyle portrayed are not typical. Earnings are calculated on sales to consumers; no sales or commissions are guaranteed. Success results only from your diligent efforts.

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