Three Ingredients of a Healthy and Happy Home

What makes a house a home? Some may say that it’s because of the furniture and interior design that reflects their style. Others might say that it’s because of the people they share the space with. Maybe it’s both. For a healthy and cozy home, here are three essentials for every household:

Prioritize Mental Health

Mental health is a serious risk for families in Utah. The state has the fifth-highest suicide rate in the U.S. If you’re struggling with trauma or depression, you can get counseling in South Jordan. Don’t let stereotypes and social stigma get in the way of your wellness.

Therapist Esther Perel has said that the quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationship. It can be applied to homes as well. No matter how big your mansion is, you won’t feel at home if you don’t get along with the household members. Don’t let small problems become big ones and ruin your relationships. An article by the University of Delaware highlights the importance of listening before reacting. Form family traditions such as barbecues and vacations. Try to have regular dinners with everyone involved in the conversation. Remember to ask each family member for their opinions so that they can feel heard and included.

Happy You, Happy Home

It doesn’t matter how well-decorated your house is if there’s nothing there that makes you want to stay. Identify what makes you happy at home and develop it. If you’re an avid reader, set up a nook and a small library where you can enjoy novels. If you like to draw or paint, get an easel for your room. For those in small spaces, you can get creative and use boards as makeshift easels or a dining chair for reading. Value functionality over aesthetics, especially if you don’t invite people over frequently.

Start activities that everyone enjoys, such as game nights or trivia games. You can play board games or tailor trivia questions about each other so that it’s more fun. Make sure to award good prizes such as a chore exemption card so that everyone will participate.

Good Food

Your physical health starts at home, not in gyms or yoga studios. Your lengthy workout sessions will go to waste if you’re stuffing yourself with junk food. Dietitian Jessica Spendlove has explained that you will never be able to burn more than what you eat. While healthy diets may sound unappetizing, it doesn’t mean that you have to cut red meat or gluten out of your life.

You just have to be more conscious about your consumption. Instead of beef dishes, incorporate more variety in your meals. Harvard Health has created a guide for healthy diets, which emphasizes the need for diversity in meals. Try cooking at home more. It can save you money, and it allows you to include nutritious ingredients.

Home comes in various shapes and sizes. What may look cramped in someone’s eyes may feel like home for others. Remember that to feel truly at home, you should follow what makes you happy.

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