How to Throw an Office Party for Your Employees

Never enough parties, huh? Come December, we get invited to some of the most original and best parties to celebrate the end of the year and welcome the next one.

In the sea of parties and gatherings, there is the company party as well, also known as the Get-To-Know-Your-Drunk-Coworkers party.

But what happens when Christmas passes and the New Year comes? This is not a reason why not to organize another party for your employees, but we agree – it can be quite difficult, especially if you have a lot on your plate.

In order to make this task easier for you, take a look at some of the most important steps that you need to take and the things you have to think about before you throw the most spectacular, non-Christmas party for your employees.

1. Set the time and date

The most important thing you need to do is decide on the actual date of your office party, may it be the Christmas one or a different one. It is very important that all your employees know the actual date in advance so that they can organize accordingly.

You want everyone to be able to come to your office party and this is what will make this happen.

2. Find the right venue

Finding the venue might be the biggest challenge when you want to throw a party, but it is also a very important part. First of all, you can decide to throw it on your company’s premises, but this can restrict your party a bit.

For example, you will have to pay a lot of attention to not breaking or spilling a drink on anything, and secondly, this is the space that plenty of your colleagues think of as their working environment, so they will not be quite relaxed.

This is why it is always the best idea to rent a space, which can be difficult and pricy. However, if you start earlier, it will be easier to find something on the date that you want.

3. Think of the food and the drinks

Next up, it will be time to think about the food and the drinks. As far as the first one is concerned, you probably want to go with catering as it is the best option that will save you a lot of time, and that all of us love.

But, the trick here is to find a catering company that is well-trusted. If you happen to be living in Australia, you can contact us for amazing office catering at Hawthorn as this is the best place for catering in Victoria.

If you live someplace else, you will probably be able to find a great company there as well.

Office Party food and the drinks

The bar is completely different though, as you can make a list of all the drinks that you want to be served at the company party. Our suggestion would be to opt for the classic ones, such as beer, red and white wine, gin, vodka, and if you want – whiskey.

If not, you can always play the cocktail party ticket, and hire a professional who will make cocktails the entire night so you will not have to think of anything.

4. Ask for ideas

Even though this party is thrown for your employees, it will be a great idea to ask them for ideas or see what their opinion is.

After all, you are not throwing a party for yourself, so you want to ask them about the food that they eat, the drinks that they like, and the music they are listening to. This is also something that will determine the buffet and the bar that we discussed in the third point.

Also, do not forget to ask if someone is a vegan or if they have a specific diet – you want to include everyone in the party.

5. Hire a DJ

Music is definitely the thing that will either make or break your party. In order for it to be a complete success, you might want to have a short survey and see what songs your employees like to listen to.

You can also go from department to department and tell them to write down their favorite songs that you will play at the actual party.

In order to be free and not think about music that much, you can hire a DJ who will be in charge of the music. This can also be an employee of yours (if one has such tendencies, of course).

Some might say that throwing an office party is difficult, but the truth is completely different. It might be challenging, but it is not difficult.

You need to have some time on your hands (or you can ask for help), and you need to actually think about the things that you are doing. If you want to throw a great party, that is.

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