Thumbnail: The Secret of YouTube Channel Success

Internet technology makes it possible not only to rest and recuperate after a day of work by watching movies or TV series but also to make money thanks to blogs on YouTube. Users with imagination and inspiration can become millionaires by making short videos of an entertaining or educational nature.

At the same time, creative thinking is not enough to gain popularity. To interest your audience and gain a lot of views on your videos, you need to learn how to create creative miniatures. Even if you don’t have design skills, you can use free thumbnail maker to design a thumbnail that will interest your target audience and make your blog a success.

Thumbnail for blogs on YouTube: what is it?

In simple words, a YouTube thumbnail is a still image that web users see at the beginning of watching a video. The thumbnail is often compared to the cover of a book because it’s what people focus on before watching a video. It should not just briefly describe the content, which is covered in more detail in the blog but also be attractive and creative. Professional video bloggers add elements of intrigue, mystery, or phrases to the thumbnail that might interest YouTube users to watch the video.  

Creating a thumbnail on YouTube is not a mandatory step before publishing a video; therefore, the number of views on different videos can vary greatly. If the author doesn’t create a cover for the blog, the platform automatically selects any frame from the video. Therefore, visually a thumbnail can look unaesthetic, and unattractive and discourage your target audience from clicking the “View” button.

Tips for designing a quality thumbnail

If you don’t have experience in the creative design field, you can use a professional online platform to develop a thumbnail. At the same time, even in this case, you should know a few essential tips that will help you create a quality and fast creative thumbnail for a YouTube video:

  • Use color psychology – do not make the thumbnail monochrome or gray, because these colors will be “lost” among other videos. Add bright colors that positively affect your psychological state: blue, purple, yellow, green, or others. Depending on what emotions you want to arouse in your audience, choose some color schemes from special color psychology tables.
  • For the best effect, add a close-up on the thumbnail. By doing this, you will not only be able to get close to your audience and be a friend to them but also keep users interested in browsing through the emotionality of the cover.
  • Don’t forget the creative bold font – an image without a caption won’t have the same effect as a cover with an emotional phrase, question, or call to action. The text will help you succinctly articulate the main message of the video, so it will appeal to users.
  • Create one visual style for all the videos on your channel – if you want to develop your video blog, pick one color scheme, set of visual elements, and fonts. Don’t change them with every new video, because your channel will look chaotic and unprofessional.

If you follow these tips, you can get popularity among your audience on YouTube. Most importantly, use a thumbnail to draw attention to your videos so that users want to view your blog and subscribe to your channel.

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