Top 5 Cute Ways To Tie A Bandana – Fashion Guide

Wearing a bandana has been in fashion since the 90s, which is still in trend. Celebrity people like Hillary Duff, Paris Hilton, Raven Baxter, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many others have been flaunting their vibrant bandanas in many different ways.

Earlier, bandanas were paired with bell-bottom jeans and tie and dye tops, after which the accessory was seen sported by music band members and painters. Bandanas were a head accessory to tie around the hair to stop it from falling on the face. But, how can people, especially women, stop experimenting and inventing new fashion style statements?

Even designer luxury brands, namely Valentino, Gucci, Chanel, Chloe, and Alexander Wang, roped in bandanas to feature their respective spring-summer collection. The revival of bandanas is more voguish and trendy. That’s why we have come up with the five cutest ways of tying bandanas and making a distinguishable fashion statement.

5 Cute Ways To Tie A Bandana

So, let’s checkout the top cute ways to wear a bandana. You can follow any of these below fashion styles to wear the headband.

1. Wrap Up The Bandana Around The Crown Of Your Head:

Wrapping your Bandana around the crown of your head is one of the cutest and easiest ways to tie this fashion accessory and make your outfit more stylish.

To do so, fold Bandana in half so that it forms a triangle and knot the two extreme ends at the back of your head, either under or over your hair, with the third middle end left loose atop your head.

Using a bandana helps to manage hair all too well while adding a little bit of funky look to your appearance. This style of wearing a bandana is like wearing a headscarf.

2. Tying The Bandana As A Headband:

Donning a bandana in the form of a headband is another cute technique to render you a stylish look. All girls go through a rough day, which they term as a ‘bad hair day.’ So, if you have to step out of your house in style on a bad hair day, there’s nothing to worry about because a bandana will give you a modish look.

To use it as a headband, you have to fold the Bandana, make a headband out of it, and tie the two ends under your loose hair or bun to give a simple and sleek look.

You can experiment a bit and tie the Bandana headband as a knot on top of your head to add a playful element to your look. When wearing it as a headband, you must choose a bandana whose color contrasts with the outfit you pick to wear.      

3. Tying The Bandana As A Hair-Tie Or A Ponytail:

It may happen that you forgot to carry a hair-tie or a hairband while leaving the house or lost it somewhere at the time of travel. Hence, to save you from any awkward situation, you can use a printed colorful bandana and nicely tie it on your hair to keep your strands secure.

You have the option of wearing the Bandana either as a half hair up, wrapping it around multiple times, or as a ponytail, leaving the ends long and loose to hang out. This method of tying a bandana shall make you overall look feminine and ultra-cute. 

4. Tying The Bandana Around Your Neck As A Neck Scarf:

To make a cute appearance, you can use a bandana around your neck as jewelry if you aren’t a fan of layered necklaces. A small printed bandana can be worn quickly around your neck to complete your outfit with style.

You have to knot the Bandana around your neck and make a casual statement. Even if your Bandana is extra-large or average-sized, you can easily fold it in half in the shape of a triangle, wrap the triangle around your neck, and knot the two ends at the back of your neck, with the third end hanging down at the front.   

5. Tying The Bandana Like A Bracelet:

Not every woman loves jewelry and dons the heavy ones on previous occasions. So, if you’re one of those women, there is a unique accessory that you would love to wear around your wrist and give a fresh new twist.

This accessory is a bright printed bandana that you can tie around your wrist or, a better option, around your ankle and change the monotonous fashion sense for good.

To Sum-Up

Bandana is, without a doubt, a unique and stylish fashion accessory to enhance your outer look and style. Plus, you can wear it on your head to keep your hair coming in your face. You can use it as a belt around your waist, like a handcuff around your wrist, as a face mask, loop it around your purse’s handle, or even tie it around your cowboy cap.

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