Tinder Reviews: The Best App for Serious Relationships

Are you searching for Tinder Reviews and wondering if this is the best dating app for serious and long relationships? You are in the right place! In this Tinder review, we will try to answer all the relevant questions. Let’s start with Tinder Pros and Cons:


Tinder Pros and Cons

Tinder comes among the top dating apps since launching in 2012. It is simple to use; just swipe right on a profile you are interested in and left for a decline. When two people swipe right, they can start exchanging messages. Moreover, Tinder has its own pros and cons:

Pros of Tinder

  • The user pool is huge because of its swiping craze
  • Fully functional app for free but by upgrading can unlock many whistles and useful bells
  • By upgrading, users get passport features for changing locations and swiping singles’ profiles from other cities.
  • It does not have any time limits on messaging
  • Suitable for serious, long-term, and temporary relationships
  • It has video chat features in limited markets such as Georgia, Colorado, Virginia, and Illinois.
  • Its Moonlight feature provides on-demand safety features. This feature allows singles to share their date details on their timeline. Therefore, you can chase a person in case of an emergency.


Cons of Tinder

  • You may have a smaller match queue if you belong to a smaller city. Almost 76% of matches are from urban areas.
  • You can swipe only 100 profile in one day in a free plan
  • It is an age-based app; if your age is more than 31 upgrading will cost you more.
  • There are more men than women on this dating app. So, you have to face strict competition to approach local women.
  • I will get only a limited amount of information regarding a profile in a free version
  • Left swipe can hurt your internal rating


Tinder Cost and Upgrade Options

All basic features such as messaging, swiping, and matching, are free. In most of the Tinder reviews, it has been found that people want to upgrade their plans because, in the premium version, they get more advanced features.

Depending on your location, Tinder provides four options:

Free Plan

  • Downloading the app from Google Play Store or App Store
  • Writing 500 characters’ bio
  • Uploading 9 photos
  • Connect to Instagram or Spotify profile
  • Swiping 100 profiles in a day
  • Read, send, and apply to a message
  • Use one Super like and check out Tinder Pick each day

Tinder Plus

  • Hide or change your location and age
  • Undo the last swipe
  • Your profile comes among the top search for 30 minutes in your area
  • Ad-free swiping
  • Only those singles can check your profile who swipe right
  • 5 extra Super Likes each day

It charges $9.99/month for people who are under 31, and $19.99/month for those over 31.

Tinder Gold

  • A grid-view of all people who have like or right swipe on your profile
  • Auto match option
  • Four to ten Tinder Top Picks daily
  • Tinder Platinum
  • All Features of Tinder Plus

Tinder Gold will charge $21/99 per month and discount on long term commitments.

Tinder Platinum

  • Message before matching
  • Prioritized Likes
  • All features of Tinder Plus and Gold

The cost of this plan depends on your location and market. But usually, Tinder charges only $5 or $6 extra over the cost of the Gold Plan. When you want to delete the app, make sure to unsubscribe from the premium package because Tender automatically renews your plan.

Now you may be thinking about when I should upgrade my plan?

If your work involves a lot of travel, you must upgrade to a premium plan. As a result, you can start a conversation with singles in different cities. Secondly, if you belong to rural areas and have less right swipes, you must think about upgrading. Thirdly, a premium package saves your time from manually exploring each profile. It brings the relevant profiles on the top automatically.


Bottom Line

If you live in a larger city, you can try a free version. If you are willing for long-distance and have a relationship in larger cities, you can try the premium plan. Hope this Tinder review has answered all your questions. If you still have any questions, you can contact customer support free.

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