Tips and Tactics to Master the Online Ordering System of Digital Textile Printing Business

Opening and running an online business can bring more benefits than offline but, only if there is a proper flow of online orders happening in your online store. To keep that coming, you need to put in some effort.

Although the online ordering of products and services online via mobile, or website has become a popular choice for customers due to its convenience, nothing can be said about it as it happens most of the time that people order but leave it as it is when it comes to the payment. To avoid that, you need to work on your online ordering system to pull customers towards it and complete the entire order process until the payment. How? That’s what we are going to discuss here.

Now, since digital textile printing is slowly gearing up in the market, ordering digitally printed fabric online makes the customer think twice whether to go for it or not. Well, for that, all you can do is simply apply the following tips and tactics to make your online ordering system of digital textile printing business eligible enough to increase sales and provide better customer support and engagement. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Simplify your ordering process

No one likes a complicated and long process of order taking as it will ultimately make customers lose interest in purchasing and unapologetically shift to the competitors. Cut short your online ordering to what is important. A short and simple order taking process amounts to faster and greater sales conversion and customer acquisition, in the long run.

Ask only the necessary information required for taking an order of textile printing and if the customer has a purchase history, skip the details which are already there in your database. Next, confirm the order before the final step as there are chances of some last-minute changes; hence, proceed only when a customer confirms the order.

Lastly, when the order is placed, give them a preview of their order details along with an expected date and time of delivery and keep them in the loop about your order processing such as fulfillment, logistics, etc. It is a good practice to allow them to track their purchases as it will boost their confidence in you that the order will be fulfilled and delivered.

2. Encourage online ordering

So far customers have spent all their life buying products offline after verifying the product through their naked eye. Well, although it’s difficult to make that happen in online ordering, you can give them a taste of it.

Provide them with a feature-rich design studio for digital fabric printing that is mobile responsive and which allows customers to:

  • to visualize how their design will look with a live preview of the product with artwork in 2D or 3D with 360 degrees rotating view of the finished product,
  • to browse and customize editable design templates,
  • to upload photos or import from 3rd party image libraries,
  • to calculate live pricing based on the printing method,
  • to share it to their social media accounts, and much more which will attract them to personalize and customize their product their way online and order it as they want.

You can also give them a reason to order online by giving, rewards, discounts, or other offers for ordering online.

3. Enhance your storefront

Your entire storefront is responsible for the rise of online orders; hence, you have to make it more appealing in every manner right from its appearance, and functionality to usability. Ensure that your storefront is fully responsive and mobile-ready to serve customers from anywhere, anytime. Deck it up with a unique theme and layout and add features like smart search, layered navigation, product comparison, easy filtering, reviews & ratings to allow customers to find the product right for them without wasting any time and order it instantly.

Make it content-rich and visually appealing with images and videos and include necessary tools for product personalization and customization. Enhance the checkout, payment, and shipping processes and make central administration and customer and order management smooth and streamlined, all of which you can achieve with a smart and effective addition to your storefront – a digital textile design software. 

In a nutshell,

Online ordering matters on a lot of minor and major things, taking care of which, you will never face stagnation or shortage in your online ordering. As far as the digital textile printing business is concerned, the addition of the fabric design software of Design’N’Buy is enough to work up your orders.

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