Few Important Tips And Tricks About Face Makeup

If you’re in to make up then it’s a given that you’ll be having too many items in your arsenal to make your face look more beautiful than it already is. Makeup is great for its intended purpose but there are times when there’s so much you can learn about face makeup even if you’re a seasoned pro at it. Given below are a number of tips and tricks that you can use for your face to make it stand out with the regular makeup you use. It also doesn’t really matter if you’re starting out at the makeup game. You can use all these tricks to get out your money’s worth from every makeup product you own.

Tricks About Face Makeup


  • Your primer and foundation cream should be in sync with each other. It is really important that the main base of your primer and your foundation should match with each other. If your primer is water-based then so should your foundation and if your foundation is oil-based so should your primer. If you don’t use products that complement each other, you’ll find them difficult to blend with each other. They’ll keep sliding off the face and will end up repealing each other.
  • If crows feet have always been a problem for you, we’ve got you the solution to make it vanish, almost. Dabbing a generous amount of primer along your fine lines really helps in minimizing the appearance of fine lines, crows feet, and wrinkles.
  • It’s really important to know what equipment gives what kind of coverage on your face when it comes to foundation and face makeup products. When you put foundation with the help of a brush, you get good thick coverage but using your fingers gives only sheer coverage.
  • Don’t make your facial hair stand out. Almost all of us have a thin layer of facial hair on our faces which should never be highlighted when it comes to making up. You must apply the foundation using strokes that go downwards instead of going upwards. If you use upward strokes you will end up making the hair on your face look more prominent than need be.
  • When it comes to concealing something on the face, our under-eye bags and dark circles come first. All of us are very used to putting on concealer spread out under our eyes to reduce the puffy appearance but the best results actually occur when you put the concealer in a triangular shape under the eyes, extending it till the point where the nose ends. This makes it easier to blend and also helps in shaping the contours of the nose.
  • A color correction palette is a must-have for you, especially if it’s made by you. You might have heard of various colored concealers available online, like a green colored one for getting our redness, a peach one for bruises, etc. If you don’t have the money to invest in colored concealers, you can simply make one on your own with the help of colored eyeshadows!


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