Tips and Tricks for Fall Wedding Brides

Fall is the perfect time for a wedding. The warm colors and incredible natural surroundings make for incredible photo opportunities and the cool air makes it easier to keep makeup and hair at bay. As such, it’s no wonder that the traditional wedding season is shifting and expanding to later in the year.

Of course, planning a fall wedding requires some special considerations. Here are the best tips and tricks for fall wedding brides.

Get the Right Dress

The fall weather can be deceiving. One day might be hot and sunny with a final taste of summer on the breeze while others might bring cloudy skies a hint of winter from the north. Current trends are leaning toward more traditional gowns, often with sleeves– this is ideal for fall weddings. However, you’ll want to choose a breathable fabric in case your wedding day is unseasonably hot.

Be sure to take the same approach to choosing bridesmaid dresses. If you opt for something cooler and more breathable, consider finding shawls or wraps to go with the dress in case there’s a chill. Capes are starting to become a popular wedding fashion trend, which is both fashionable and functional for a fall wedding.

Use Natural Surroundings

Using the natural surroundings to your advantage not only creates great photo opportunities, but it also makes for great budgeting. Using natural surroundings to your advantage means spending less on florals and decor. Many of the seasonal fall flowers are far more affordable and accessible than their summer counterparts.

Spend some time looking around for places that speak to you. If you want an outdoor wedding, look for a venue that doubles as a place where you can hold the ceremony as well as take part in amazing outdoor photos.

Book Early

Fall weddings used to be considered the off-season. Now it’s becoming more mainstream. As a result, fall brides should book vendors and venues at least a year in advance. If you’re interested in a popular venue, you should schedule even earlier.

If you’re worried about being able to secure the location you want, consider booking on an alternative day. Sunday weddings are becoming more common due to the cost-saving and accessibility for popular venues. By booking early and giving your guests enough time to plan ahead, they should be able to attend even when you don’t opt for the traditional Saturday event.

Prioritize Guest Comfort

Remember to consider your guests when planning a fall wedding. While hay bale seating might be seasonal and festive, it could be difficult for aging guests who require something a little more structured. Additionally, if you plan on having an outdoor wedding, comforting touches like blankets to wrap up in and a hot chocolate or coffee bar is a nice touch.

Your wedding is your day, but your guests want to share in your joy and celebration. Showing them that you appreciate their attendance and value the role they play in your life is key to having an unforgettable event.

When planning a fall wedding, it’s best to be prepared. Think about what you’ll do if the weather changes for the worst and what vendors you need to book ahead of time. Then, enjoy the natural beauty that makes fall weddings so great.

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