Tips and Tricks to Better Your Memory

Memory is important in our lives. It will not only tell us who we are and remind us of the things that have happened in our lives, but it will also give us the knowledge that we need to survive. We use memory when we learn new lessons in school or when we are studying for an exam. We also need an excellent memory when socializing. People who can remember names and people appear to be warmer and are better conversationalists than people who are forgetful. Thus it is essential that you start bettering your memory.

Below are some tips on how to improve your memory. Some you can do to improve your brain’s function while the others are preventive measures that will help you have excellent memory skills even after old age.


1. Change your lifestyle

As far-fetched as it seems, what you do with your life can affect your memory. Thus, people who want to better their mind do not only try out memory techniques but also change their whole lifestyle. You can start by avoiding vices that will hurt your brain processes. This includes smoking and drinking beyond the one bottle a day limit for women and two bottles a day for men. This is, of course, for beers only.

Stress is another factor that can lessen your memory skills. Stress has been shown to not only weaken the body and the immune system but also to weaken the mental processes. Since stress cannot really be avoided, you need to make sure that you find ways to relax and curtail stress. You can do this by resting your head on weekends and having enough sleep every day. You should also start exercising and meditating, which are both excellent for the brain.

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2. Change your diet

What you eat will determine who you are. This may be a cliché, but it is true nonetheless. If you want to have a more powerful brain, you should make sure that you include in your diet what is often called the brain foods. These are foods that contain choline and proteins which help in the development of the brain. Examples of these brain foods are tuna, salmon, and other fishes; soya, tofu, milk, peanuts, and meat, which are rich in proteins. Veggies and fruits also help by keeping the body healthy and rich in the supply of anti-oxidants. Young children, in fact, are encouraged to eat lots of these foods, especially at that age, when their brains are still developing.


3. Exercise your mind

One of the reasons why the brain slows down is because it is not used as often as it should be used. There are studies, in fact, that support this. People who answer crossword puzzles, play strategic games, and work even when they are old are less likely to have Alzheimer’s. The use of the brain is a preventive measure for the onset of forgetfulness during old age.

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4. Use memory techniques

Your brain also needs your help. It does not mean that if your mind is powerful, you will not make the job easy for it. If you want to better your memory, use memory techniques that will help you remember more. One example is the use of mnemonics or key letters or words that will represent a whole lot of information. Another memory technique is the association, which allows you to associate an information or item with something that you can already see or what you already know.

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