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Tips on Efficient Packing

However resistant to changes you may be, a change of house or apartment is often inevitable. Even if after the previous move you promised yourself to never conduct it again, here you are, surrounded by cardboard boxes waiting for the professional driver to pick up your whole life in the packages and move it to your new home.

However hard it may seem, here you will learn a few tricks on how to ease moving sufferings by hiring professionals and properly packing belongings.

Before deciding on how to practically carry out the moving process, one should check the cost and possibilities of hiring professional movers in the region. For Pasadena dwellers, professional assistance can be found as a reasonable option.

When it comes to long-distance moving, other national services should also be considered. When there is not much to carry and all the stuff can be transported with a single truck, you may opt for individual moving.

Packing Supplies

Before loading belongings on the truck, one should not only pack them but also make sure that there are sufficient packing supplies.

If you are not a frequent mover, packing supplies can be considered a separate expenditure item. The following list of basic items will make it easier for you to pack everything:

  • Regular boxes
  • Special boxes
  • Tape and tape guns
  • Packing paper
  • Box cutters
  • Bags and pads for furniture
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How to Pack

When all the supplies are ready, the real struggle begins: how to organize the packing process? Even though it seems rather easy to simply put the stuff in the boxes and tape them, in reality, packing may become the most tedious process out of the whole moving routine. That is why there are a few hints on how to make packing less enjoyable rather than troublesome.

  1. Choose the appropriate size of the boxes: arrange the items in a way that all the light things are put into the large boxes while heavy pieces are stored in the small ones. It makes the job of professional movers much easier as they are not traumatized while carrying large and heavy boxes.
  2. Use the space wisely: it is with regard to both space in boxes and the truck. In the first case, it is necessary to place heavy things on the bottom of the box followed by lighter ones. In the latter case, the truck is to be loaded with weighty packages first so that to achieve balance and not overload it.
  3. Leave contents description: always describe what is in the box. Unless you do so, the unpacking process may turn out to be a chaotic unorganized mess. One of the possible ways to do so is to number the boxes and draw up an inventory list in the notebook.

Since moving is just one of the thousands of steps to take in life, it should also be a delightful process. Therefore, wisely rely on the assistance of external services, and do not forget to enjoy the moment!

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