7 Tips for Helping Someone with Eating Disorders

Eating disorder is complicated one rather than ever think of your unhealthy dietary habits. Following a strict diet habit, maintaining those extra calories can help you to prevent the eating disorder, whenever you might be in need of some advice or psychological help it is good to take that in order to make yourself suffer. Taking care of your health is the first and the foremost thing you need in yourself, seeing those things spoil is really a heart aching one. Proper guidance and medications are needed in the appropriate stage to avoid this.

I think now you got an idea about What Is Binge Eating Disorder? Now, let us discuss the types of Eating disorders.

There are mainly 3 common types of Eating Disorder

Anorexia- People with this kind of disorder make them starve at an extreme level and spoil their total health, they will be more cautious about their weight management, undergo severe diets, and consume tablets too for maintaining their weight.

Bulimia- People who were with bulimia are in extreme condition and really they themselves travel to a destructive path, in order to avoid weight gain due to their excessive eating. They either vomit or exercise harder or take some laxatives to maintain their extra calories.

Binge Eating Disorder- Due to mental pressure, stress, or feeling guilty some people will indulge in binge eating. They are the people who consume more calories in a very short period of time and even if they feel full they can’t able to control themselves towards eating and this might lead to many health issues.

Signs of an eating disorder

People with eating disorders are found to munch on the food all the time, even if they feel full. They may be socially away from the people and they might feel relaxed when they have their food in hand.

Gather knowledge about It

Before discussing with the person who is addicted to an eating disorder, do some research so that you can figure out what is the problem for them to carve more on the food. It will be helpful when you speak to them, they might open up with you regarding the issue if you can solve or help them with the situation, guide them to a counselor or a specialist.

Discuss in a comfortable environment

Never discuss anyone’s problem in public, that might be annoying. Sit with them in a comfortable environment or call them privately to discuss the issues. So when it is soothing circumstances they really want to share the problem with you and once you know why they are behaving like this, it would be easy to save your loved one from the suffering.

Use positive words

Be careful with your words, sometimes it might turn you more negative or doesn’t convey your care into a different one. Pointing out the word you may be harsh for many and they might have lots of possibilities to change negatively. Instead of using “You”, it’s better to use “I”, this can give them a feeling of support and they might listen to you.

Be specific on the solution

If it is possible for you to give a solution to their problem, it’s well and good. If you can’t figure out the things that help them to come out of this excessive eating and spoiling their health, guide them with the specific path to reach a consultant, so they provide the right counseling and medication to them.

Relax, Listen and be with them

Most of the people who were suffering from some kind of problem, need some space or need somebody to listen, sit and talk about their problem. Be with your loved one whenever they are in need. If they undergo some sort of treatment be with them that might be additional support and it helps them to stay strong through their treatment process.

Guide them towards professionals

Understanding their problem is the first and foremost thing for anybody to solve a problem. If you cant able provide the right kind of solution, guide them to the right kind of professionals. Help them to understand the situation and be with them throughout the process.


The world is always a place to care and live strongly with a relationship, no one is alone. Even though nobody can survive alone in this world and everyone is dependent on others. When you see someone who is facing some challenges in life or suffering from any kind of disorder like eating, mental health, etc. Take them to rehab centers in Columbus Ohio or Spend some time with them, it will soother their mood and make them relax, helps them to come out of the situation. Help them to take the right kind of therapy. Stay Fit! Eat healthily and Be Happy!

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