Tips for Hiring a Professional Christmas Light Installer

The holiday season is approaching, and excitement is mounting. In a few weeks, everywhere you look there will be bright lights and colors hanging from trees, buildings, and electric poles. As businesses and neighbors try to outdo one another with the ingeniousness of their decorations, whole cities are going to experience magical transformation.

But as lovely as Christmas lights are, they can be a real hassle. The trouble starts with untangling the stored lights from last year’s decorations. And then the dangerous task of navigating slippery sidewalks and ascending ladders in bad weather to get on a roof with a string of lights in tow. Not to mention the headache of choosing a creative pattern for hanging your lights.

If you want to avoid all that trouble, there are only two ways to do it. You can forego the Christmas lights altogether, or you can hire a professional Christmas light installer. A Christmas light installer lets you take the hassle out of setting up your Christmas lights. You can dodge the work and still have amazing lights at the end of the day.

But how can you be sure that the Christmas light installer you hire is the best person for the job? KRS Property Management in Cary, NC shares tips to hire your Christmas light installer. These will help you avoid wasting your time and money on someone who will do a poor job.

1. Do not use solo installers

Do not use solo installers

Christmas light installation is a seasonal job, and no one can build a business by doing that alone. Therefore, the majority of Christmas light installers you find will be solo installers trying to make some holiday cash.

These installers charge less than professionals and hiring them can seem to make sense. However, there are significant risks involved in hanging Christmas lights. By hiring a solo installer, you could incur liabilities far over the money you saved.

2. They must have verifiable insurance

As already mentioned, installing Christmas lights comes with risks. There is a lot of climbing involved and much of this is on slippery surfaces. So there is a chance that the installer could slip and fall. There is also the risk of fire damage to your building due to electrical malfunctions.

For these reasons, you should ensure the installer has the right insurance. Hiring an uninsured person exposes you to legal claims if there are any accidents.

3. Find out where they source their lights

The quality of the lights they use matters. A professional Christmas lights installer uses only professional-grade holiday lighting. You should find out where they will get their lights. If the lights they intend to use are the same as the ones you get from a retail store, do not hire that installer. An installer who does not use high-quality lights may not have experience. And the type of lights they use will reflect in the quality of the finished job.

4. Do they have reliable dispute resolution processes?

Do they have reliable dispute resolution processes

Every time you hire someone, there is a chance that disagreements will occur. Established companies understand this and will create policies to deal with such situations. That is one of the ways you know that a company can be trusted to handle your Christmas lights installation. A fly-by-night operation will not have solid dispute resolution processes, since they do not have a reputation to protect.

5. Ask for references

If the installer is any good, they should have a list of happy customers who can vouch for them. You have no way of verifying the trustworthiness of an installer if they don’t have references or if you do not contact the references they provide. The best references are those who live in your area. A new installer in your locality may be an unreliable professional who recently moved to your location.

6. Do not settle for the lowest bid

The best installers will not always be the cheapest. Inexperienced installers will charge far less than professionals because they often use substandard materials and may not have any insurance. That is not to say that a good installer must be expensive. Use the tips on this list to shortlist qualified installers. Afterward, you may choose the company with the most competitive price.

7. Do not pay the entire balance upfront

Do not pay 100% of the installation fee before the Christmas lights installer has done the work. If an installer insists that you pay the entire sum before the job, it is enough reason to walk away. As long as you have a solid contract with a company, they should be happy with a down payment before the job and the rest after completion. If you pay the entire sum up front, the contractor has no reason to listen to you if there is a problem with the installation.

Finally, save yourself some heartache and hire your Christmas lights installer today. The closer it gets to Christmas, the harder it will be to find a good installer, because all the good ones will not be free. Cheers.

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