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Tips for Renewing Car Insurance

Have you missed out on insurance renewal? Well, a few policyholders found themselves in such a scenario and find it. It could be because of the negligence and you being occupied with full work. Either, it is vital to renew car insurance at the earliest, so that you may get vulnerable to financial exigency and other concerns that come along.

It is an easy affair if you want to renew car insurance over the web. On the flip side, you should aware of a few aspects of KIA insurance that will be helpful to pick up a policy that better matched your needs and budget. Here are a few points that you must consider before the renewal of the policy.

Plan types

You have two options available either a third-party liability or a comprehensive policy while going to renew a policy. Each caters to different needs. While a third-party policy is less expensive on the pocket and offers minimal coverage. A comprehensive plan proffers you with a greater coverage deal involving your own car coverage but at slightly high premiums. You must decide which policy would better fit the needs and then, select the same. With insurance providers like Freeway Insurance, it is an easy affair if you want to renew your car insurance over the web.


While it is not necessary to purchase an add-on for the policy and it is worth opting for a look at the variety on offer. By charging a small premium, you can secure all much better and cover a wide category for a car with the add-ons. Some of the popular coverage include NCB cover, Engine Protect cover, Zero depreciation cover, and Invoice Protection cover.

Cashless garages network

Before purchasing any policy, you can reach out to the insurer to search for the list of network garages. You ought to visit the garages, this can avail you with cashless benefits where the insurer will pay the repair bill.

Sufficient IDV

IDV is the acronym for Insured declared value, which is the highlighted factor that affects the value of the car insurance. It is vital to acquire a policy with the right IDV to take all benefits of the policy in the future. IDV should not be comprised to lower the premium amount of car insurance.


It is the minimum amount that a policyholder has to pay during the claims. Usually, insurers have two deductibles as mandatory deductibles and voluntary deductibles. This makes sure that false claims are not as frequent as they are supposed to be. Choosing a voluntary deductible will be helpful to reduce the premium amount because it decreases the claim amount.

No Claim Bonus

If you want to renew the car insurance, NCB can be the dissimilarity between the affordable and not a pocket-friendly policy. You do not need to claim your policy every year and are entitled to enjoy some discounts as well. It begins from twenty percent for 1st year and up to fifty percent for 5th year. Do not forget to check the NCB while renewing even if you select to port the plan to another insurer.

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