Tips for Starting a Small Masonry Business

Because masonry is in high demand on the market, it has proven to be a profitable business. Small masonry companies get a great amount of work because big construction corporations usually don’t want to execute ‘small jobs’ that both commercial and residential clients need.

However, knowing how to tuckpoint and work with concrete is not enough to start and run a profitable masonry venture. Among other things, becoming a successful mason requires knowledge, organization, patience, determination, and social skills.

Starting a Small Masonry Business

Several mason business owners fail because they lack the skills to run a business. So, the bigger you want your mason business to grow, the better you must do as a business owner. Bear in mind that the responsibility only gets bigger along the way.  

In this article, we provide you with some tips that will help you start your small masonry business.

Get Your License and Register Your Business

We realize that if you are reading this, you probably have years of experience in the masonry field. However, when you’re starting your own business it’s best to get your contractor license. 

The conditions differ from state to state, so check with your local labor department. Remember, client satisfaction is half the job. It’s a small cost to pay to satisfy your legal duties and shows potential clients your business is valid.

Further, you’ll need to register your business. It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll register it as a sole proprietorship or as a company. Every business structure has its advantages and downsides, so it’s highly recommended to do proper research. 

Get Insured

You should get a mason insurance policy. This way, you can protect your business and your employees if someone gets into an accident while on the job. In addition, it will make sure to protect your clients as well from any damage caused to their property. 

By doing so, you will show credibility and professionalism, meaning your clients will be more willing to seek your services as they will be confident that they are protected in case of unforeseen developments.

Masonry Business insurance

Build an Inventory of Tools

You can’t start a masonry business if you don’t have the proper equipment and tools.  Tools and equipment will perhaps account for the largest share of your startup expenses.  However, you won’t necessarily need all completely new tools and equipment.  

You can save thousands of dollars in startup expenses by buying a used ladder and ladder rack, used truck, scaffold, and other parts of the equipment. Another good piece of advice is to only buy tools when the job requires them. That will keep you from becoming indebted for tools or equipment you might never need to use.

It’s also worth mentioning that if there is equipment that you don’t have yet, you can always rent them from other companies. A simple search for something like “auger hire” should provide you with a list of companies that you can rent from.

Hire Staff

While you may be able to start your business with only yourself as an employee, due to the physical nature of the job, you will undoubtedly need to hire additional employees in the future.

You need to ensure that your employees are competent for the job, that they behave well on the job, and that they communicate effectively with your clients.

Market Your Business

People must be aware of your business. Since you will be new on the market, you must find ways to stand out from the competition. Will you have lower prices than your competitors? Are you going to focus on finishing the projects faster? 

Whatever your differentiating factors will be, ensure to market them through advertising platforms. Take advantage of Yellow Pages or True Local, so people in your area can easily find you. Additionally, don’t forget to utilize social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.

Market Your Business

Invest in Technology

In addition to your equipment and tools, you must spend some quality time researching how to make the most of technology. Technology can easily improve your business’s efficiency and make it seem well-established. 

Investing in tablets and smartphones right from the beginning to showcase your work to clients quickly and easily. It will also make it simpler to share files and documents with your clients and employees. Set up standard accounting software and CRM system.

Take your bookings online with appointment booking software. It will help to make your booking process more efficient, less time-consuming, and more user-friendly.

That way you will be able to land bigger jobs once you have the computer abilities to do stuff like, for example, accept electronic blueprints.

Finally, run software platforms that will help you estimate, plan, and design a broad range of projects more successfully.

Final Words

Starting your own masonry business is exciting, but a tactical process. Before starting, make sure you sit down and plan properly. Make a list of your business objectives and start to implement them gradually.

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