Tips on Finding a Great Driving Instructor

With more and more cars on the roads all over the world, being a good driver has become more important than ever. Truth be told, various breakthroughs have made cars easier and more comfortable to drive and there are many new safety features in modern cars that can really be helpful. Still, it’s the driver who is the most responsible for safety.

That’s why finding a good driving instructor is so important. You need to learn from a professional trainer so that you can become a confident and responsible driver yourself. The role of a driving instructor is not only to teach you how to operate a vehicle but also to help you understand a range of driving-related issues, such as traffic laws, defensive driving tactics and others. To help you make the right decision regarding your instructor, we’ve prepared the following tips.


Check their qualification

Driving instructors must have a valid driver’s license, as well as a driving instructor’s license. That means they have undergone special training to learn how to teach driving. It’s important for instructors to have sufficient driving experience themselves before they start teaching others. Only then can they take written, practical, and vision exams necessary for professional driving instructors. Feel free to ask your potential instructor to produce the required documents proving their qualifications, training, and licenses to make sure that the instructor is a qualified professional.

Driving License


Check their reputation

Ideally, you should get a recommendation from a friend or family member who has had a positive experience with their instructors. If you can’t get much information, you have to rely on comments made by other people online, but make sure you look for independent sites when doing so. Needless to say, most instructors and schools will use their websites to boast a great pass rate or even makeup comments testifying to their skills, but you have to take these with a pinch of salt. So, ask your instructor for references and see if you can speak to their previous clients directly to find out more about the instructor’s qualifications and skills.

Driving Instructor Reputation


Look for flexibility

It’s important to be able to change your mind about your choice of the driving instructor. No matter how great everything might seem once you negotiate your lessons, you may find that the instructor you’ve chosen is just not right for you. That’s why you should be able to switch with no questions asked. That option is made possible by some of the most reputable Australian institutions. For instance, EzLicence driving lessons allow you to simply select a new instructor if you are not perfectly satisfied with your original choice.

It’s important to be able to change your mind about your choice of the driving instructor. No matter how great everything might seem once you negotiate your lessons


Important traits

Obviously, patience tops the list. Your instructor should be aware at all times that you’re just a learner, who can’t master even the most basic skills overnight. That’s why they have to be patient with their students and allow them enough time to learn. Next is probably confidence in their own abilities. It’s vital for you to be confident before the test, but that only happens if your instructor is confident in their teaching. That confidence is something that should be transferred to the student. Good instructors, therefore, praise their students for their effort and progress, while at the same time they have to continue giving tips on how to improve driving.


Communication skills

Every great instructor should have great communication skills and know-how to convey the information in a way that is comprehensible and understandable. Since all students are different, a good driving instructor should be able to choose the right approach. The instructions should be clear, relevant and deprived of all unnecessary information since students should not feel overwhelmed. So, when you meet your instructor, assess their communication skills and see if they deliver the information in a way that suits you.


Driving is no joke and once you find yourself behind the wheel, you become responsible for the lives of all passengers in the car, but even the smallest mistake on your behalf can endanger the lives of people in other cars, cyclists and passengers around you. That’s why it’s vital you learn to drive carefully and become confident and in order to achieve this goal, you need to find the best possible driving instructor. These tips should help you find the one that suits you and, hopefully, you’ll soon hit the road knowing that you’ve learned the basics, but also fully aware that it takes years of experience to really call yourself a good driver.


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