Tips for Planning an Overseas Wedding in Paris

Wedding in Paris, Paris, France, is a city that is known as the “City of Love.” For those planning a wedding, this may result in interest. Exchanging vows among your closest friends and family is beautiful, but so is privacy and having the wedding of your dreams.

If you like the sound of getting married in Paris, now is the time to start planning your destination wedding.

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Wedding in City of Love Paris

Even though Paris is one of the best locations in the world to get married, many couples are concerned. After all, you are traveling to a foreign country. Different laws apply to marriages, especially if those marryings are non-residents.

For that reason, some automatically abandon their dream of a Paris wedding, but you don’t have to. You may be surprised just how easy it is to have a wedding ceremony in Paris, as well as how much assistance is available to you.

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Wedding in Paris and Love

To get started, non-Paris residents must obtain permission to marry from their homeland. This can be done by visiting your embassy or consulate. In Paris, weddings are first performed at the City Hall. Don’t worry, though, as this is not your wedding ceremony, but rather a standard procedure.

After the visit to City Hall, you can make your way to your wedding venue, which may include a church, synagogue, temple, or hotel. This is where your dream wedding awaits you.

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Speaking of hotels, one of the simplest ways to plan an overseas wedding in Paris is to use the services of a hotel. Many of Paris’s most well-known hotels offer special packages for those planning a wedding. For example, you may be charged one large package fee for your stay.

That cost not only includes your room but your wedding too. Hotels will outright state their policies on their website, but most can accommodate both large and small weddings.

Love in Paris
Love in Paris

If you are interested in having your wedding ceremony and reception at a Paris hotel, you may be curious as to what your wedding includes. As previously stated, packages are usually available for sale. In addition to wedding packages, you may be able to customize your wedding.

Guests who not only get married on-site but also spend their honeymoon too may receive a money-saving discount. Depending on the hotel in question, you may gain access to more than just a banquet room, but a courtyard or balcony.

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When choosing a hotel to host your reception, it is essential to examine your options. For starters, do you have the freedom to book your vendors? If not, make sure you get your dream wedding. Will you be provided with a caterer, wedding cake, flowers, photographer, and transportation? Hotel weddings are beautiful, but many couples find customization to be their best option.

If you want to be vocal in the planning of your wedding, you may want to hire the services of a professional wedding planner or assistant. Even if you are located in the United States, and they are in France, help can be provided.

Planning Wedding in Paris

One concern that many couples have in attendance. As previously stated, many prefer a marriage ceremony with their family and friends by their side. With careful planning, you can get both of your wishes. You may be surprised how many people look for an opportunity to travel to Paris. Not only can guests attend your wedding, but they can have their vacation too!

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As highlighted above, planning a destination wedding in Paris is possible, especially with the assistance available. To start to examine your options, check luxury Paris hotels. Remember, you may find money-saving discounts if you opt for a ceremony where you stay.

With that said, traveling preachers can be found in Paris as well. This means that you could have a small, private ceremony with you and your partner and a witness in front of a well-known attraction, such as the Eiffel Tower.

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