11 Tips for Selecting the Best Headphones for your Kids

Today, there are numerous programs, movies, games, as well as songs that are meant to entertain kids. Kids need to use headphones when watching and listening to them.

If you’re considering buying your kids a pair of headsets, then consider checking if they have the best features for kids. Allowing kids to use standard adult headphones can be harmful to their hearing.

Kids’ little ears need a unique pair of headphones. So, what are some of the unique features to look out for when choosing the best headphones for kids?

Here, we will explore what to consider when buying kids’ headphones:

1. Consider the Size

Size is an obvious factor to consider when purchasing kids’ headphones. If you pick big headphones, they may be an uncomfortable fit. Also, if the size is too big, the sound quality may be down, which may require the kid to readjust it continually.

Kids’ headphones should be small enough to fit in their tiny heads. If your child is a toddler, you may need to consider buying the headphones ideal for a toddler’s head size.

Over the ear headphones are better for kids than earbuds. Earbuds are not ideal for kids because the earpiece may be too large for the kid’s ears. Even if you find small earbuds, the child may outgrow them quickly.

Over the ear headphones are the best for small children because they are more durable and don’t collect too much grime and dirt like earbuds.

2. Ensure that they have a Volume Limiter

Listening to loud sounds and music for an extended period could be harmful to your kids’ hearing. The best kids’ earphones can keep a restraint on volume.

Most experts recommend that children should be exposed to at least a volume of 85dB for a maximum of one hour. In contrast, adults can go up to 8 hours a day listening to 85dB(decibel) safely.

Kids like listening to loud music, and this can be very damaging to their hearing. Since most headphones can go beyond 85dB if connected to an amplifier, a volume limiter feature comes in handy to help keep the volume at safe levels for your kids.

3. Ensure they have Attractive Colours and Design

Kids are attracted to bright colors and fancy designs. When shopping for the best kids’ earphones, consider beautiful colors as well as pretty designs. Some headphones are designed with a cartoon character theme, and some have fancy designs like a princess tiara.

You can engage your kids when choosing the design and color. Little girls are attracted to teal and pink colored headsets while boys are mostly attracted to blue and darker colors.

Kids Headphones colors

4. Check the Sound Quality

Sound quality is also a vital feature to consider when choosing a headset. You need to find the best driver size. In most cases, a 40mm driver or higher is better.

If the headset has excellent sound quality, the kid will enjoy using it. Also, it helps distinguish sounds such as an amazing bass, especially when playing games.

5. Good Headsets have Noise-cancellation Features

An ideal headphone should have noise-canceling features. The feature helps cancel the sound from the surrounding areas with the help of your microphone. Therefore, it boosts the level of concentration on your games or movies.

6. Check the Availability of a Microphone

Several games require one to play with a team. When playing such games online, it’s vital to have a microphone. The microphone will help you talk to your teammates.

Also, you may need to include voice commands within the specific game. Therefore, if you’re buying gaming headsets, make sure they have a microphone.

7. Consider the Kids’ Comfort

You cannot ignore the kids’ comfort when choosing a pair of headsets for them. Pick headphones that are made of light material. That offers a cushion to the little ears, and the kid can concentrate well on the game or whatever they are watching or listening to.

8. Check if the Headsets are Open or Closed

 You need to make a choice between open and closed headsets which is a feature that matters a lot for a good sound. If you want a pair of headsets mostly for gaming purposes, then go for the closed ones.

The closed headphones have a sound-blocking material. The open headphones, on the other hand, allow the surrounding audio to pass.

With these, you can still respond to chats from people in the surroundings. Also, you can wear them for an extended period without your ears getting heated up.

9. Check Whether the Headphones are Wireless or Wired

Headphones may be wireless or wired. When choosing the headset for your little one, consider the wireless ones that use Bluetooth. That is because most children are jumpy and will make some movements. Wireless headsets are safer and won’t come in their way when moving.

Also, they come in handy when traveling. However, wireless headsets have shorter battery life, and frequently require charging, which is something you also need to consider. You can ask your kid if they prefer wired ones or wireless ones.

10. Consider the Durability of Headsets

Kids are usually very playful. They will once in a while drop the headset, which means there is a high likelihood of experiencing quick wear and tear.

Make sure that the quality of their wires, speakers, and microphone is premium. Choose headsets that can last longer and will withstand small falls and accidents.

If you pick the non-durable ones, the headsets may experience frequent loss of connection and eventually get permanent damage.

Also, it’s vital to check if the headphones are adjustable and foldable for easy storage.

11. Factor in your Budget

The cost of the headset is another factor that you want to look into. You may choose a headset, depending on your budget. Some brands are more expensive than others. The physical design and looks may also increase the price of the headset.

Also, some cheap headsets may mean that their quality is inferior. Pick the best headphones as per your budget.

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