Tips To Apply Kajal Perfectly And Ways To Make Kajal At Home

We all know applying even a single stroke of kajal can do wonders and can make you look 10 times prettier. It is one of the most common makeup products that people of every age use. But with these fast-paced changing trends, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest styles of applying kajal and tips for applying it properly.

Well, if you are looking for one such complete guide related to Kajal, then don’t worry, you are in the right place. In this article, we will be telling you some tips to apply kajal perfectly, the way to make kajal at home, and different styles to apply kajal.

Different Styles To Apply Kajal

Given below are some amazing and unique styles to apply kajal perfectly and stay updated with the trends. Have a look!

Tips To Apply Kajal Perfectly And Ways To Make Kajal At Home

Play With The Colours

Add a pop of color to your kajal look, and experiment with new colors like sea green, royal blue, dark pink, and yellow. These are all the colors that are bright and make your look stand out from the crowd. If you are going for dewy skin makeup, we have a trick for you. Use your black kajal pencil and tight line the upper lash line to make your lashes look thicker and darker.

Smudge It Up

Smudge your kajal and create a modernized look. All you need to do is apply the kajal as you usually do and then smudge your kajal using a smudging brush.

Say Yes To Smokey Eye

Creating a smokey eye look is easy if you do it using kajal and in the right way. Apply kajal on your outer eyelid and using a smudging brush blend the kajal inwards. Voila, your smokey eye look is ready.

Go For Winged Eyeliner

You can use Kajal as an eyeliner too, all you need is an angled makeup brush to give your Kajal eyeliner that perfect wing.

The Basic Upper Water Line

While considering all other kajal styles how can we forget the basic upper water line? Yes, you can apply a stroke of kajal on your lower and upper waterline to make your eyes look bigger and pretty.

Now that we know the different styles of applying kajal, let us have a look at the tips that one should follow to apply kajal perfectly.

Step By Step Guide To Apply Kajal

To apply the kajal perfectly, you will need a kajal, smudging brush, primer, and eyeshadow. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to apply Kajal perfectly. Have a look!

Apply Kajal

Step 1- Glide a stroke of kajal on your lower and upper waterline

Step 2- Layer up the kajal properly

Step 3- Smudge away the kajal using a smudging brush

Step 4- Work on the upper waterline and draw a sleek line precisely

Step 5- Intensify your eyelids

Step 6- Voila! Your Kajal application is done

Now that we know how to apply kajal perfectly, let us have a look at the way by which you can make kajal at home.

How To Make Kajal At Home

Love using natural products? Looking for a simple guide to making kajal at home? Here we have got the right guide for you all. Have a look!

Ingredients required to make kajal at home

  • Aloe vera gel
  • muslin cloth
  • a copper lamp
  • A copper plate
  • Two bowls
  • Ajwain seeds
  • Sandalwood paste
  • Castor oil

Step by step guide to making kajal at home

Step 1 – To make kajal at home, soak the muslin cloth in the sandalwood paste and let it get dry for some time.

Step 2 – When the cloth gets completely dry, pour the castor oil into the bowl and keep the two bowls on each side

Step 3 – Now roll the ajwain seeds in the muslin cloth and tie both ends of the cloth.

Step 4 – Then on the copper plate, coat the aloe vera gel keep it on the copper lamp, and convert the bowls into stands.

Step 5 – When the oil gets exhausted, the wick will start to burn, you need to collect the ashes by scraping the top of the plate.

Step 6 – After that empty, the collected ashed into a bowl or a container to use in the future

Step 7 – Voila, your homemade kajal is ready. But make sure to always clean and wash your face properly before using a homemade kajal.

So, this is how you can prepare a kajal at home. Hope you like our quick tips and other kajal related guides. We hope this guide comes in help to you!

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