Tips to Building a Credit History for Getting a Loan

Building a credit history requires a lot of effort. Having a credit history is a must to get an approved loan, credit card, or a house. But to create a credit history, you have to get an approved loan in the first place.

Build your credit history by using different tools:

  • Do you want to get a credit card? If yes, then begin with the co-signed card, or else start with the secured credit card. Moreover, request to become an authorized member on your closed ones’ card.
  • Also, you can build credit without using a credit card by taking a secured loan, co-signed loan, or credit-builder loan. If you are an adult and paying your bills (such as phone bills, utility payments), it might be helpful to strengthen your credit. Additionally, most options do not require any fee.

If you are not interested or do not want to follow the following steps, the easy way to get the loan is to apply for payday loans online no credit check with instant approval. It is easy and quick.

Here are some great and most beneficial tips to building credit history:

Start with a secured credit card

Some people require to build a credit score from scratch. In such cases, one can try a secured credit card. However, you have to pay an upfront fee similar to your credit limit to avoid a bad credit score.

The fee you pay depends on the card you select. Most cards demand a deposit of $200. If you do not want to make an upfront deposit, pick the companies that do not require a security deposit and allows alternative credit cards. Companies that do not require security deposits are Avant, Deserve, Petal, and Jasper.

This card is similar to a credit card. You can buy things, make payments, be ready to pay an interest rate if you do not pay your amount on time. Also, when you close your account, you’ll get your deposit back.

You can’t use this card forever. This card is only meant to build the credit score so that you can get the unsecured card. Additionally, unsecured cards do not require deposits and provide numerous benefits.

Obtain a secured loan or credit builder loan

It completely justifies its name as its only purpose is to build or improve the credit. In this, the lender will take care of the amount you borrow and return it to you after you repaid them the loan amount.

This saving program is also called a forced saving program. Also, the amount you maintain in your account, report goes to the credit bureaus that help improve your credit score. You can take these loans from credit unions or community banks.

Otherwise, if you have a savings account in a bank and have a good amount in it, you can ask them to provide a secured loan to build your credit score. In this case, the saving amount plays the role of collateral. Despite, the interest rate is higher; it will be beneficial to build your credit score.

Take the help of co-signer

Another way to get a loan or an unsecured credit card is by co-signer. Select the co-signer who is close to you as it involves risk. You both must be aware of the fact that “if you do not pay the amount, the co-signer has to pay on behalf of you.”

Try to be an authorized user

Be an authorized user on any family member’s card to build your credit score. If you do so, you can create the history of paying on time and that card’s credit will be useful to build your credit history. In this way, you can create a FICO score in less time.

To get the advantages of an authorized user, you don’t have to use a credit card. But to get the benefit from it, the card issuer should report the activities of an authorized user to the credit bureaus. You can take this information from the primary cardholder. Because, if they do not do so, your efforts are of no use.

You and the person who added you as an authorized user should have a mutual understanding. Additionally, you should be prepared to pay your half.

Build credit by paying your bills

There are companies such as Rental Kharma and LevelCredit check the bills that you pay to review your bill history. If your bill history is good, it will improve your credit score. Not every company checks this, but some do.

Follow good credit habits to build an excellent credit history:

  • Always make your payments on or before time.
  • If you are using a credit card, use it within a limit. Don’t overuse it.
  • Do not apply for several credit accounts at the same time.
  • You must have at least one credit card account for emergencies.


These are the amazing tips that can help you to build your credit history. Follow these tips accurately and improve your credit score.

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