3 Key Tips to Eliminating Glasses Fog

Smudge-free glasses are important to be comfortable in your daily activities. Here are 3 key tips for eliminating glass fog.

The clarity of your glasses is essential for your daily life and safety. It’s important to be sure you are cleaning your glasses correctly to prevent damage, smudges, and even fog.

Don’t damage an expensive pair of glasses by accident. Cleaning your glasses correctly is simple and it won’t take a lot of your time!

Eliminating Glasses Fog

Smudge-free glasses are important to be comfortable in your daily activities. Here are┬ásome key tips for eliminating glass fog. So you won’t have to worry about seeing clearly ever again!

1. Clean Your Glasses Regularly

The first tip to maintaining smudge-free glasses is to clean them regularly. The build-up of dirt and grime on your glasses can cause scratches on the lenses and other forms of damage. That’s why it’s important to clean them gently so you don’t create further problems.

We recommend cleaning them daily. Your glasses can easily pick up dirt and oil from your hands and face throughout the day. To keep them clean, clear, and shining like new, a daily regimen of cleaning your glasses is a good habit to form.

Glasses aren’t just for your face. Check out how to fix cloudy glasses with your bar glass cleaner, for even greater solutions.

2. Wash Your Hands Before Cleaning

Your hands could contain oils, lotions, chemicals, or dirt. That’s why it’s important to give your hands a thorough cleaning before getting to your glasses. You also don’t want that bacteria to end up on your face!

So you may want to consider cleaning your hands before picking up your glasses in general or touching them while they are on your face.

3. Use Water & Soap

Cleaning your glasses is easy. All you need to do is run your glasses under lukewarm tap water. Starting with rinsing your glasses will help to remove dust and other debris that could scratch your lenses while cleaning them.

Do not use hot water as this could damage certain eyeglass lens coatings.

Next, you will add a small drop of lotion-free dishwashing liquid to each lens. This is a simple way to remove heavy oils that have built up on your lenses. You don’t need a lot of dishwashing soap because it is usually highly concentrated. Just place a tiny drop.

4. Be Thorough

Using your fingers you can gently rub all areas of your glasses. Don’t forget to rub the nose pads and all the angles of your lenses. Especially the edge that meets the frame.

These nooks and crannies can accumulate with skin oils and dirt. Don’t use an abrasive material to scrub your glasses! You can easily scratch the lenses and permanently damage them.

Using your hands and the dish soap will be sufficient enough to clean your glasses.

5. Final Touches

When you’re finished rubbing away the dirt and oil, you can rinse your glasses under lukewarm water once again to remove all the soap. You don’t want to leave traces of the soap since this could cause a residue and cloudiness.

Shake your clean glasses a bit to get any excess water off them. Stop! Don’t just dry them with your dishcloth! These can hold onto dirt or debris from dishes that will scratch your lenses.

Instead, we recommend using a cotton towel that has not been laundered. Fabric softener or dryer sheets will smudge your lenses. The best option is one that is used to clean fine glassware. You can also use a clean microfiber cloth that you can pick up at most optical shops or photography stores.

6. How to Prevent Fogging

Don’t stop there, you can also give your glasses further treatment to prevent them from fogging up in the future.

Now that your glasses are sparkling clean you probably want to keep them that way for as long as possible. There are ways to prevent them from fogging which won’t take a lot of added time.

You can use anti-fog wipes, cream, or spray, which are the most convenient solutions. However, you will have to stock up on your supply which could become costly over time. Especially because you will need to reapply often.

There’s also the trick of cleaning your lenses with shaving cream. Simply dab a little bit on the front and back of your lenses. Then wipe gently with cold water. This will create a protective film on your glasses.

A white bar of soap has the same effect. You don’t want to wash it off but instead, use a clean cloth to gently wipe the soap onto the lenses until they are clear.

Lastly, if you are willing to purchase new glasses, lens coatings, frames, and anti-fog sports glasses can also resolve this problem.

7. Avoid Fog When You Can

If fog is something that really irks you during extreme hot or cold temperatures, then there are some preventative methods you can take. You might want to opt for glasses that sit further away from your face.

This will help increase air circulation which is the cause of your glasses fogging up to being with. More air circulation can prevent fog from accumulating on your lenses.

The same goes for wearing a scarf. Depending on the fabric of your scarf it may be causing your glasses to fog. This is because some fabrics have trouble letting air through which would otherwise deflect your breath. Instead, it is getting trapped behind your lenses.

Enjoy Smudge Free Glasses!

Now that you know these great tips to enjoy smudge-free glasses, we hope you will enjoy clean and clear glasses for many years to come.

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