Tips to Keep Acid Reflux Away

Acid reflux is very common in our society but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Some individuals experience issues with it once in a while but others have chronic acid reflux. Anyone who has suffered from it can tell you it is a very uncomfortable feeling. There are quite a few methods of treating it out there but why not do your best to keep it from occurring in the first place?

The biggest trigger of acid reflux has to do with the diet a person has. You need to pay attention to certain foods that will trigger it. Eliminate them from your diet or at least consume them only in moderation. Do your best to eat small meals and to take your time to eat slowly.

You need to give your food time to digest as well before you go to bed at night. Don’t eat at least two hours before you lay down. If you plan to go relax after a meal don’t lie down on the couch either. When you do so there is too much pressure and that is what causes acid from the stomach to enter the esophagus.

If you tend to suffer from acid reflux when you lie down at night change your position. By adding another pillow or one that is thicker you will change the angle of your body enough to keep the acid levels from coming to the esophagus. There are special wedge pillows designed specifically for this as well. Some people find that adding volume to the head of the bed underneath is effective as well. This can be done by placing bricks or boards under the frame of the bed at the top.

You should drink plenty of water during the day as well because it will help assist with the digestion process. What you drink can trigger the acid reflux as well. Some individuals find juices such as orange juice and pineapple juice contains lots of acids that their body has a hard time digesting. Consuming large amounts of alcohol can also trigger acid reflux.

Studies show individuals that who are overweight are more likely to suffer from acid reflux. As the pounds are added your body will change in many ways both inside and out. One of those ways is that your methods of digestion will be altered and that can result in acid reflux.

Reducing stress in your life can also help keep acid reflux away. That is because so many people turn to food or alcohol when they are experiencing high levels of stress. Find another outlet such as exercising more to get your stress levels down to a manageable level.

Getting enough exercise each day and watching what you eat will help you maintain a healthy weight. Establish a plan to help you lose weight. If you can drop as little as ten pounds you will notice a significant reduction in the frequency and severity of acid reflux problems. Avoid other negative lifestyle habits including smoking and consuming alcohol as well to keep acid reflux from becoming a problem for you.

Pay attention to the clothing you wear as well. When your pants or shirts are too tight they can prevent the body from being able to successfully digest food properly. As a result of that acid reflux becomes more of an issue. For many individuals that goes hand and hand with the gaining weight issue. Yet some individuals purposely wear tight clothing styles.

By paying close attention to each of these areas you can do your best to keep acid reflux away. You will find your efforts to eliminate it are more effective than those to treat it. The severity of acid reflux can be different for each person but most of the time it isn’t enjoyable. Don’t allow such episodes to prevent you from enjoying your life and from getting a good night’s sleep.

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