Titanium Vs. Ceramic Implants

A dental implant is an ideal choice to replace a tooth because they are easier to have and more efficient than before. However, there are different options available to choose from.

Many people aren’t sure where to begin when deciding because there is a lot of information available.

One of the major decisions when getting the procedure is selecting the material and understanding the benefits of different options.

The two primary materials of choice are titanium and zirconia (better known as ceramic).

Dental implants, Titanium Vs. Ceramic Implants

Let’s take a look at factors worth considering before making a decision.


Dental implants are a long-term investment and can last for a lifetime, so it’s essential to be comfortable with your chosen aesthetic. The benefit of ceramic implants is their natural appearance and white hue.

It differs from titanium implants that are metallic and can appear gray through thin gums. For those who desire a natural, unnoticeable look, zirconia implants are the best choice.


Implants allow gums to heal considerably better and have decreased inflammatory responses.

Due to titanium’s susceptibility to tissue disease, it’s not uncommon for titanium implants to cause inflammation, which can be uncomfortable and unsightly.


Both titanium and zirconia implants are incredibly durable, but zirconia has higher comprehensive strength. This means they can handle more load caused by chewing and force. This provides patients with more options (when it comes to eating) and fewer chances of damage.


Zirconia implants collect far less plaque build-up, and as a result, inflammation and diseases are kept at bay. More importantly, this makes implant failures much less likely and far more comfortable to live with.


Zirconia implants have an incredibly high success rate (over 95%) because of their ability to harmonize with our bones and the rest of our bodies. Also, they don’t decay like natural teeth; they last for long periods.

A great benefit of ceramic is that, unlike metal, it’s corrosion-free, preventing possible allergies, immune disorders, and implant failures.


Implant dentistry consists of one-stage and two-stage surgeries. Zirconia implants are explicitly designed for single-stage operation and are ideal for quick tooth replacements because you don’t have to wait several months between procedures.

Usually, during the initial procedure, a titanium fixture is implanted to imitate the natural root, and temporary dentures or crowns are applied.

It will take three months before the permanent fixture can be fitted, during this time the mouth heals and harmonizes with the implant.

Implants can appear to be the preferred choice, but it’s best to do thorough research and gain as much knowledge as possible. This is because solutions vary from person to person.

The desirable option is to book consultations with your dentist, listen to their advice, and ask many questions because you have to make an informed decision.

Implants are a surgical procedure, and they can be expensive, but monthly finance options are widely available. They tend to save you far more money in the long run, as well.

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