To Throw The Best Halloween Party… Leave The House

Your typical Halloween party: you get dressed up in a costume, go to a house party with some mildly on-theme decorations of witches and ghosts, play a couple of games, have a couple of drinks, maybe vote on the best costume, and then leave. It used to be fun, but the novelty has worn off a bit, and now you are wondering if there is a better way to ring in the October 31st occasion.

There is a better way to throw a Halloween party, and it’s so simple that it might surprise you – leave the house. That’s right, if you want to shake up the habit and truly do Halloween justice, you need to say goodbye to that humdrum old house party and say hello to the plethora of exciting events and activities available to a large group of people.

Into The Unknown: The Case Against A Halloween House Party

Halloween is, and always has been, a day of fantasy, one where people exit their comfort zones and inhabit a new persona.  After all, on what other day would you find grown adults dressed like fairies and mythical monsters (rhetorical question!)? It, therefore, seems counter to the spirit of Halloween to throw a party in the most domestic place possible, the most you place possible, the home.

Leaving the house behind allows you to really step out of yourself, and it allows your guests to do the same. Instead of inviting them over, go the extra step of organizing one of these Halloween activities around town. There’s something for everyone.

Halloween Activities

Axe throwing: Hone your slasher film skills at a BATL axe throwing facility, of which there is a number across North America. When you book an axe throwing a party, you get a free tutorial on how to throw axes from a pro thrower, as well as the chance to practice, before entering a round robin tournament with your friends. For the friend group who likes to try exciting new activities – and likes to look completely badass in photos – get dressed up and go axe throwing this Halloween.

Halloween Activities

Ghost Walks: This is the traditionalist’s Halloween activity. Most cities claim to be, in one way or another, haunted by ghosts and therefore you are bound to find some company offering a ghost walk tour. Or you can make your own ghost walk tour, with enough research and enough willingness on the part of your guests.

After you are finished axe throwing, it might be the perfect way to wind down your Halloween evening. You might find yourself in a graveyard, however, so remember to be respectful – those are (were?) real people you are walking on.

Horror Movie Screenings: For the less… activity-inclined partygoer, consider one of the many Horror Movie screenings in town. A couple of Halloween classics are The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with people dressing up like the movie’s characters, Friday The 13th, and (who would have guessed it!) Halloween. Get your tickets early, dress up accordingly and let the power of cinema compel you!

Club Halloween Parties: For those that like their Halloween with a healthy dash of wildness and a few drinks to help it along, consider putting together a Halloween party at a nightclub. Clubs often host Halloween-themed parties on October 31st, complete with costume contests and themed drinks. If you feel a little too old for the club, though, don’t fret – there are plenty of more adult-centric bars that do pretty much the same thing. Depending on the club/bar policies, you may need to call ahead to reserve an area if you plan on rolling in with a large group.

Escape Rooms: For those that enjoy a little panic in their Halloween proceedings, there are escape rooms. These days, in most cities, you can throw a rock at the nearest escape room, so finding one shouldn’t be an issue. Just brush up on this article about escape room tips, so you can impress your friends with how super smart you are.

To conclude, no you shouldn’t just do the same thing you do every year. Instead of hosting a house party this Halloween, do the occasion justice by stepping out of the ordinary.

For the thrill-seekers, there is axe throwing; for the traditionalists, there are ghost walks; for the cinephile, there are horror movie screenings; for the party animal, there’s the club; for the game-lover, there are escape rooms; and for the real adventure-seeker, you can do all five!

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