Tobacco: How It Affects Your Health And Why You Should Switch To Electronic Cigarettes Instead

It is everyone’s wish to have a healthy life and live for long. However, some of the practices that we bring to ourselves are what kill us slowly. A good example is smoking tobacco. Let’s be honest, tobacco addiction is hard to stop, and as much as there are many success stories, many are instances that the smokers have tried and still failed. Electronic cigarettes otherwise known as e cigars or vape pens come in handy to help smokers quit their addiction.

Where can I get the e-cigars? You might ask, well there are many stores today that you can purchase them from, one of the best online stores where you can get e cigars of your choice.

If you are there and still wondering if you should really switch to electronic cigarettes, here’s why.

  1. Reduces The Chances Of Getting Cancer

Cancer is one of the dangerous killer diseases that has claimed the lives of many people. Smokers especially are at a higher risk of getting cancer especially if they are still using the conventional smoking technique. Compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes contain lower levels of carcinogens meaning that the chances of one getting cancer also reduce significantly.  Also, cigarettes contain a high amount of chemicals such as ammonia, nicotine, arsenic, and so on whereas e-cigarettes contain fewer amounts of chemicals. For the sake of your health, it is better to enjoy your sessions using an e-cigarette knowing that you are not at a higher risk of acquiring cancer.

  1. Helps In Controlling Nicotine Intake

Traditional cigarettes do not have a mark showing the amount of nicotine taken; as such, an active smokers would find themselves taking one after the other. E-cigars, on the other hand, help you in controlling your nicotine intake. Most vape pens come in different sizes meaning that you can be able to gauge the amount of nicotine you are subjecting your body to. This, as a result, makes one aware of how much nicotine they are taking in a day and they can easily control the amount.

  1. Gets Rid Of Tooth Stains

One of the evident signs that someone is a smoker is the presence of tooth stains due to the harsh chemicals (ash and tar) present in the cigarettes. Keep in mind that your oral hygiene is paramount. Tooth stains are unattractive, to be honest, and are a landing for bacteria to thrive and cause tooth decay which might eventually cost you a lot of money during dentist visits. With e-cigars, you can as well say goodbye to tooth stains since there are fewer chemicals present and the output of vaping is steam as opposed to smoke which is the output of the traditional cigar rates.

  1. Helps To Kill The Smoking Addiction

The reason why smokers find it hard to stop smoking is due to the nicotine present in the cigarettes that make them crave more after every puff. As mentioned earlier, e cigars contain fewer chemicals, and also you can control your intake on a daily. As such, one can be able to satisfy their cravings with a few puffs which might help them quit smoking altogether.

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