Tools To Improve Your Gaming Experience

The 21st century witnessed revolutionary changes in the gaming arena, and one of them was the introduction of various tools for gaming PCs. One can expect to enter the virtual world and have an unbelievable experience.

However, with time, the gaming performance on PCs or consoles may grow. To recuperate this, you can use various tools to enhance the gaming experience.

Performance issues are commonly caused by the background process that takes up resources. There are various options to help you improve your PC performance. You can make use of the multiple tools for gaming PC to have a trouble-free gaming experience.

Today, we discuss the best tools for gaming PCs that can help you enhance and optimize the game performance.

Tools to Enhance Gaming Performance

Game Fire 6

This is a free tool for game optimization that you can use to improve the gaming experience. You can also opt for a premium version that comes with advanced features.

Game Fire 6 works by reducing the load on the resources of your gaming system and offers improved real-time performance. All this happens just at the click of a button. This optimizer de-prioritizes the processes in real time and allocates the idle resources to your game, thereby boosting performance.

You can also get real-time information about your gaming system’s CPU and GPU temperature. You can use its detailed optimization tools like System Settings TuneUp, Internet Network TuneUp, and RAM optimization if needed.

One of the best features of Game Fire 6 is the Game Manager Panel. It allows you to manage all your games from its dashboard.

MSI AfterBurner

MSI AfterBurner is a GPU overclocking utility to help you take full advantage of your gaming PC hardware. It is one of the top tools for gaming PCs that allows you to overclock the GPU to a recommended frequency and thereby improve the games’ performance.

Besides the overclocking feature, MSI AfterBurner can perform benchmark tests and check pc monitor gaming performance to keep GPU temperature and usage in control.

Wise Game Booster

Next on our list of best tools for improving the gaming experience is another feel software, Wise Game Booster. It works by automatically optimizing the gaming performance by clearing the junk files, network tune-up, and closing the start-up apps.

You can download this free tool without worrying about the space requirement since it is hardly a few MB in size. Wise Game Booster scans your gaming PC for all the games installed when you use it for the first time. You have the option to add the games manually if the tool fails to detect some of them.

Wise Game Booster lets you control the optimization process by displaying a list of items that can be optimized. You can choose to fix all the things or select a few of them manually. Alternatively, you can also you the tab called System Optimiser to search and choose the process that must be optimized.

Another lucrative point about Wise Game Booster is that it does not bother users with any ads and lets you use the tool without any disturbance.

Razer Cortex

Another free game optimization tool that we found to be very handy is Razer Cortex. It comes from the house of the famous brand “Razer.” It works like any other game optimizer tool and stops unnecessary processes to help allocate more resources to your game, improving performance.

Razer Cortex lets you decide if you want to automatically carry out the optimization and do it manually by selecting processes. However, the size of this tool is pretty big (almost 100MB), so the installation might be time-consuming.

This tool launches itself automatically at the launch of any game and restores the gaming PC to its normal state once you exit. An exciting feature of Razer Cortex is that it tracks your actual gaming performance and then offers vital insights to make changes accordingly.


As per a report from the University of Southern California, sometimes the game performance is depleted not because of your gaming system but due to the internet IP (IPv4 and IPv6 issues). WTFast improves gaming performance by optimizing your internet connection without masking or altering your IP address.

Therefore, WTFast is meant for those gamers who play online games and expect a smooth experience without worrying about internet fluctuation.

WTFast is an intelligent tool that offers reduced latency besides lower ping and fewer amount of packet loss. This helps you with a smooth gaming experience even when your internet connection keeps fluctuating.

When you install this tool, you get the option to connect to optimal servers manually or automatically. The company has around 200 servers spread over 48 countries, which helps provide a stable speed at any location.

Also, you are required to inform which online game you plan to play by selecting the .exe file or choosing it from their server. The tool works by routing the traffic through its servers when you start playing.

It is a premium version too, but you get an option to try their services at a 14-day free trial.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of the booster tools for gaming PCs is to help you improve your performance. Hopefully, the above list enables you to choose the optimization tools that best fits your need.

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