Top 10 Best Countries to Find a Great Wife

Who among us doesn’t dream about a happy marriage with a loving and family-oriented wife and a house full of kids’ laughter and smiles? Even if you’re an avid bachelor, some time or other you’ll decide to tie the knot with that special someone. And if you cannot find an appropriate lady for marriage in your mother country, we have brought together the top 10 best countries to find a great wife. Thanks to dating websites, online agencies, and special apps you may easily try your luck in international dating. So check our list out!

1. Ukraine

The undisputed leader of the list is Ukraine. Ukrainian females’ appearance, family values, and personal characteristics are legendary. You can hardly find a better candidate for the role of a wife than a girl from Ukraine. These ladies combine all the traits that a perfect wife must have. So if you want to be that lucky man who has a wife from Ukraine, visit the best site to meet Ukrainian women and make your choice.

2. Russia

Russia is the biggest country in the world and it consists of many different nationalities. That’s why here you can meet women from Ukraine together with the Tatars, traditional Russians, Armenians, Bashkir, and many others. Local ladies, the same as Ukrainians are feminine, family-oriented, and naturally beautiful. It’s a good destination to visit and find a potential wife.

3. Belarus

If you cannot meet women from Ukraine, but you still want to marry a Slavic beauty, you should think about dating a girl from Belarus. This country is the third most popular destination in the Eastern European region. Belarusian women are attractive, intelligent, and cheerful. Moreover, they’re not as demanding as Ukrainians or Russians. Females from Belarus are down-to-earth and they do respect their husbands.

4. Romania

Romanian girls are a mixture of East and West. They take care of their appearance very thoroughly. Thus, attending yoga classes, gyms, and beauty salons is a normal practice for Romanian girls. That’s why girls from Romania always look stunning, hot, and sexy. Using dating agencies or sites you can meet Ukrainian girls online or Romanian, depending on your taste.

5. Latvia

It is said that girls in Latvia are the tallest in the World. That’s why if your dream is a leggy beauty with a lean body and well-groomed appearance you should consider dating girls from Latvia.

6. Vietnam

For men who want something special, we recommend relationships with Asian ladies. They’re famous for their loyalty and devotion. Of course, we include the top 10 best countries to find a great wife Vietnamese girls. They will treat you as a leader in the family and you shouldn’t expect financial support from your Vietnamese wife.

7. The Philippines

An advantage of ladies from the Philippines is that most of them speak English. So despite dating an Asian girl, you won’t face a language barrier. By the way, they’re very easy-going so they can leave their motherland without any hesitation and move to your country.

8. Thailand

If you want an equal partner in the family, you should meet women from Ukraine. They know how to earn money simultaneously with maintaining household chores. But if you need a wife who will be dependent on your financial stability, you can date a girl from Thailand. This country is wonderful with lots of traditions and peculiarities. But be ready that local girls will treat you as “a white rich man who can support a Thai girl and all her family”.

9. China

The top 10 best countries to find a great wife won’t be complete without China. This is the country of contrast. People here are extremely diligent. Therefore, your Chinese wife can be a good support for you in every life field.

10. Brazil

Brazilian ladies are world-famous for their hot appearance, mouthwatering forms, femininity, and sexuality. But as in all things, there is a price to pay. These hot beauties are very emotional and hot-tempered. So you shouldn’t expect to have a wife who will follow your every single word.

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