Top 10 Home Health Aide Jobs Near Me

When you look for a wide range of home health care services, rest assured that you would be spoilt for a choice of options. Based on the specific patient’s needs and situation, home healthcare could range from nursing care to specialized medical services inclusive of laboratory workups and more. If you were interested in home health care jobs near me, consider looking for the below-mentioned options.


1- Nursing care services

The most common type of home healthcare job would be that of nursing care based on the specific needs of the patients. Nursing care plans would be inclusive of ostomy care, wound dressing, intravenous therapy, monitoring the general health, pain control, administering medication, and other health support.

2- Medical social services

Medical social services would be inclusive of counseling and locating community resources to assist the patient in his or her recovery. Most social workers would act as case manager of the patient if the medical condition of the patient has become complex and needs the coordination of several services.

3- Basic assistance care or homemaker services

A homemaker providing basic assistance care would assist the patient with different chores or tasks for maintaining the household with meal preparation, grocery shopping, laundry, and other housekeeping needs.

4- Home health aides

Home health aides would assist the patient with his or her basic personal assistance inclusive of getting the patient out of bed, bathing, dressing, and walking. Most aides would require specialized training to help provide more specialized care.

5- Volunteer Care services

You would also opt to join volunteer care services to provide basic comfort to the patient through companionship. They would also be required to provide personal care, emotional support, transportation services, and help with various kinds of paperwork as well.

6- Nutritional support services

Dieticians could visit patients in the comfort of their homes for providing dietary assessments and guidance for supporting the treatment plan.

7- Pharmaceutical services

Medicine and medical equipment could be delivered at home. When the patient requires it, the healthcare provider would be offered training on how to provide medicines or using the equipment. It would also be inclusive of providing intravenous therapy.

8- Occupational, physical, and speech therapist

Most patients would require assistance re-learning how to perform routine duties or improving their speech after an injury or illness. A physical therapist could put together a plan of care to assist the patient to regain strength or provide strength to joints and muscles. An occupational therapist could assist a patient with developmental, physical, social, or emotional disabilities in re-learn about performing various kinds of daily functions like bathing, dressing, eating, and more. A speech therapist could assist a patient with impaired speech to regain the ability for clear communication needs.

9- Personal care and companionship

You could provide help with routine jobs such as bathing, dressing, household tasks, and meal preparation for enabling safety and independence.

10- Nursing care services

You could provide long-term or hourly nursing care at the comfort of the patient’s home suffering from chronic illness, disability, or injury.

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