Top 10 Indian Web Series that you can Binge Watch for Free on YouTube

We have all jumped on the web series streaming culture, but to access new web series you need to have subscriptions. And between Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee5, and more, you need to shell out hundreds.

But, YouTube is here to save the day.

The platform does not need subscriptions and is home to some of the best web series in India. With complete visibility for all, the shows streaming have much bigger audiences than other services. So, let’s check out some New Indian Web Series that are available on YouTube.

10 Best YouTube Web Series to Binge Watch

1) Man’s World

What happens when a stereotypical male chauvinist, who believes that women don’t do much, is thrown into the deep end? That is exactly what happens to Kiran. He deems it unfair that women get so many benefits in the name of feminism – days off during their menstruations, special seats on buses, and more. Finally, he asks God to give him the chance to show them how he would do in their place – and that is exactly what happens. The next day, Kiran wakes up with period cramps and for the next 3 days, he understands the pain women go through.

What makes this series interesting is that Kiran is not transformed into a woman but rather the world is transformed into a female-dominated one. Women do all the things that men are supposed to do and even act like them. Watch what happens as Kiran tries to navigate through the new world and learns to respect women.

2) What the Folks

This family drama series created by Dice Media is a fun watch for the family. Watch as Nikhil and Anita navigate their relationship as a newly married couple around their jobs and their in-laws. But what happens when Nikhil has to stay with Anita’s parents in Mumbai? And what happens when Nikhil’s parents decide to stay with them in their flat?

The series highlights the journey of modern nuclear families as they transcend the gaps in generations and try to cope with societal stereotypes. With cast members like Shishir Sharma, Renuka Shahane, Deepika Amin, Veer Singh, and Eisha Chopra this series is not one you should miss.

3) Permanent Roommates:

This new web series created by TVF (The Viral Fever) revolves around Mikesh and Tanya, a couple who has been in a long-distance relationship for three years. Tanya, a commit-o-phone, has been in a relationship with her overeager boyfriend Mikesh.

He returns from the USA after three years and surprises Tanya to marry him. On her roommate’s advice and because she barely knows him, she refuses him. The two eventually strike a deal and move in together. What follows is a series of events that can either make or break their relationship.

Will Tanya and Mikesh make it or will their love story fizzle out, watch Permanent Roommates on YouTube to know more.

4) Alisha:

One of Blush’s new web series, Alisha, is a blend of fashion, mystery, and aspirations. Alisha is the typical girl-next-door studying abroad. She soon gets entangled in drug-related crimes, she is immediately deported back to India. After landing up in Mumbai, she becomes a detective who gets thrown into the world of fashion and mystery.

The series may be a bit extravagant for normal viewers considering that it deals with the high fashion industry. But for people who want to detox from typical family dramas, this YouTube series is perfect for you.

5) KOTA Factory

The KOTA factory web series is one of the first black and white series to air in India. The series follows 16-year-old Vaibhav who has recently moved from Itarsi to Kota. Kota is a city in Rajasthan that has become a center for learning for students trying to crack IIT and other exams. The series follows Vaibhav’s life to see what difficulties he has to overcome to get into IIT and make his family proud.

Through this series, the creators of the show have highlighted the trauma and the fear of being the best in a young child’s mind. They have also tried to show what pressure from families does to the mind of a young child when it comes to cracking IIT exams.

6) TVF Bachelors

This TVF web series revolves around the lives of 4 best friends who are not only bachelors but flatmates as well. They keep getting into funny situations and try to battle against the world around them together as a team.

So, will they be able to win overall against their ‘adversaries’ or will they give in and forget to do what they set out to do? Watch the series to know just how these 4 bachelors come to terms with life.

7) Minus One

Minus One is a quirky web series that tries to solve the perpetual question – can ex’s be friends? Riya and Varun were in a live-in relationship in Delhi and as time goes by they realize that it isn’t working out. So, they call it quits. But still, go on living together as flatmates. Can they work things out as friends and date other people? Will they get back together and have their happily ever after? To know what happens between Varun and Riya check out Minus One on YouTube.

8) Little Things

If you haven’t heard or seen the chemistry between Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar then you need to start watching now. Little Things revolves around the love story of Dhruv and Kavya, a live-in couple in Mumbai. As the series progresses we see the couple as they go through the ups and downs of life and relationships.

The series is a great watch for young couples to see just how life plays out. With episodes related to jealousy and outside distractions, it makes the series more relatable. Watch Little Things to know Dhruv and Kavya’s love story.

9) Please Find Attached

Another web series by Dice Media, Please Find Attached is the story of two colleagues – Shaurya and Sanya. They decide to become flatmates and slowly start developing feelings for one another. The series, while mushy, does also focus on real-life issues that the new workforce faces especially when it comes to balancing professional and personal life.

Will Shaurya and Sanya be able to keep their love life separate from their work? Will they be able to cope with the pressures of everyday life? Watch the series on YouTube to know more.

10) Operation MBBS

If you loved watching Sanjivani in the early 2000s then this web series is for you. Dice Media’s latest series Operation MBBS revolves around the lives of 3 first-year MBBS students – Nishant, Huma, and Sakshi. While they all come from different backgrounds, they bond together and form a kind of love-hate relationship as they try to navigate through the MBBS maze.

The series is not overly romantic and neither does it involve much drama. But what it does highlight is the life of students trying to become doctors and how they cope with the pressure of studies, normal life, and family issues.


With the number of web series available online for streaming, it is obvious that anyone will get confused. If you are willing to shell out money every month then you can choose any one of the platforms that take subscriptions. But if you just want to enjoy a web series without having to think about spending more money, then just log into your Youtube account and search for the above-mentioned series.

Let us know which ones binge-watched during the lockdown.

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