Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Boston

Boston is a beautiful destination filled with photogenic attractions and picturesque surroundings. This place offers a multitude of historic and modern locations. When visiting Boston, don’t forget to take fun-loving and aesthetic pictures to enhance your Instagram feed. We’ve narrowed down a few of the most breathtaking places.

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1- Scarlett O’Hara House

Scarlett O’Hara House

Scarlett O’Hara House is an exquisite attraction located on Beacon Hill. It comprises a two-story building offering a blend of Greece and London-based bricked homes. Most people mistake this attraction for a house. However, it is solely a painting introduced about 30 years ago. The house, in a nutshell, creates an illusion due to its intricate designs. What makes this place exquisite is that it has an aesthetically pleasing appearance, perfect for taking snaps for your Instagram. It is a soothing house located in a quiet region of Beacon Hills.

2- Acorn Street

Acorn Street

Acorn Street, also popularly known as Cobblestone Street, is one of the globally known ancient streets of Boston. This street is a popular attraction for tourists and bloggers for capturing retro, contemporary, yet voguish pictures. This street is said to be the most photographed street in the entire USA. The scenic attraction is restored with vintage and age-old brick homes, window boxes, and cobblestones. This private neighborhood consists of a short walk and is filled with attractive and intricately designed houses.

 3- Boston Common

Boston Common

Boston Common is one of the most ancient yet mesmerizing parks in the USA. It is a beautiful park surrounded by aesthetic sports, small and large events, and protests. Most townspeople adore Boston Common and often come here to capture fun-loving and scenic pictures. Surrounded by greenery and nature, this spot is a soothing attraction for admiring the gorgeous setting. Earlier, it was a grazing cattle ground, which was then turned into a park. This park isn’t only famous for its green oasis but is a traditional spot for walking around while admiring exquisite nature. 

4- Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library

 Founded in 1848, Boston Public Library is one of the globally-known libraries in the USA. The library consists of Bates Hall, famous for its pleasant and engaging setting. This library is filled with a vibrant environment, along with an array of books, and is the most dreamy place for taking pictures. This library was the very first municipal library built in the USA and offers a broadened range of books of different genres such as thriller, fiction, non-fiction, contemporary, and Sci-Fi. If you are a tourist, make sure to avail yourself of Boston Luggage Storage services beforehand to enjoy what Boston has to offer conveniently.

5- Faneuil Hall MarketPlace

Faneuil Hall is one of the most compelling attractions of Boston built in the 1700s. This market consists of 4 major areas- North Market, South Market, Quincy Market, and Faneuil Hall. This spot is a vast area consisting of a few of the most delicious food stalls and a relaxing setting where most tourists come to take pictures. From aesthetic bars to various restaurants, this marketplace is filled with exciting activities to do and enthralling places to visit. You now have the benefit of leaving your bags at a convenient South Station luggage storage Boston location and enjoying the bewildering views surrounded by this marketplace.

Faneuil Hall MarketPlace

6- Christian Science Reflection Pool

Christian Science Reflection Pool consists of one of the most spellbinding scenic views in Boston. This attraction is situated between the Christian Science Centre and Prudential Centre and is one of the most picturesque spots for admiring the beautiful nature alongside the pool. To enhance your experience as a tourist, you are provided with an array of seating arrangements. Whether you’re looking to get sun-kissed under the warm, mellow sun or you want to admire the pool from a soothing and shaded region, this place has got you covered.

Christian Science Reflection Pool

7- Weeks bridge

Weeks Bridge is yet another fascinating and alluring bridge offering a charming view. This bridge is a distinctive pedestrian bridge above the Charles River, connecting Cambridge and the Allston neighborhood. This bridge is arguably one of the most beautiful bridges worldwide and is famously known for its breathtaking view that will leave you feeling awestruck. The bridge has a cajoling aura that enhances its overall appearance. Moreover, one has the benefit of storing their luggage with the help of storage lockers in Boston, thereby enjoying the most pleasant and dreamy sunset. 

Weeks bridge

8- Fan Pier

Fan Pier, commonly known as the crown jewel of Boston, is a compelling and captivating location admired by several bloggers. It is located in the heart of Harbor and offers a multitude of fun-loving amenities, along with an impressive view. This spot is one of the leading places for capturing Instagram feed pictures. Nature blends with an elegant structure, offering an enchanting and sophisticated outlook. You will undeniably find yourself staring at the view for as long as you can remember. This place is the hub for feeling the fresh breeze on your face after a long and tiresome day.

Fan Pier

9- Charles River Esplanade

Charles River is the perfect spot to spend your time, especially in summer. Surrounded by a vivid and charming view, along with eye-catching and vibrant trees, this spot has a spectacularly romantic setting.

Charles River Esplanade

10- Dewey Square

Dewey Square is a stunning location situated at Rose Kennedy Greenway’s end. This location offers a delightful view, perfect for capturing pictures for your Instagram. What’s more fascinating than this, you ask? You can sit on the soothing lawn filled with fresh greens while admiring the gorgeous setting.

Dewey Square

To sum up,

Now that you’ve discovered the most Instagrammable spots in Boston, it’s time to drop off your bags at reliable luggage storage, thereby setting out to take aesthetically pleasing and satisfying pictures, along with viewing the most scenic and pleasant settings. Storing your luggage in a foreign place can be quite overwhelming. However, if you do extensive research, you can find an authentic Boston luggage storage company for safeguarding your bags at all costs.

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