Top 10 Tips For The Working Mother to Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

 When you are a working mother, this is how your typical day probably goes down:

  • Prepare breakfast for your family as early as 5 or 6 in the morning.
  • Leave before 7 with the kids, making sure their snacks are packed and you got everything you need for your client presentation.
  • Beat the rush hour traffic, and struggle to get parked in the central business district.
  • Check on the kids at midday.
  • Run out of the office at exactly 5 to make it to school.
  • Get everyone changed to home clothes.
  • Fix dinner and struggle to finish up in the kitchen by 8.
  • Help your kids with their homework until 10 then, tuck them to bed.
  • Get on your home office desk to finish reports due the following day.
  • If you’re lucky, you get 15 minutes alone with your husband.
  • Catch 4 or 5 hours of sleep at night.

Help Wanted

We know exactly how you’ve gotten those puffy eyes and dark circles, and have we got the solutions to make those fade as well. Count on us when we tell you to read Eyevage reviews and  also the following 10-Point Strategies which will work wonders for your severely worn out eye skin:

1- Keep your skin squeaky clean

Wiping off your makeup at night and cleansing day and night may sound over simplistic but, these are key strategies in maintaining younger and brighter-looking eyes.

2- Tone and moisturize

Use only products that do not contain harsh ingredients that can inflame your skin like fragrances, drying alcohols, and synthetic chemicals that are too strong for your skin to tolerate.

3- Try a revitalizing eye patch or a mask

Soak in your skin to deep moisturizing goodness that plumps it up. Regular treatments can help your skin regain optimal density and restore elasticity.

4. Exfoliate

Get professional skin sloughing off periodically for deeper exfoliation. At home, you should exfoliate, physically or chemically, on a weekly basis. Not only does it eliminate your skin-damaged top layer but also stimulates skin turnover and facilitates better absorption of your creams and treatments.

5- Make eye cream part of your anti-aging routine

You don’t need just any eye cream. Look for ones rich in peptides like Teamine. You should also stock up on a product that provides more antioxidants for better damage protection, ceramides for barrier repair, vasodilators like adenosine to improve circulation around your eyes, and for older skin, retinol. Read Stemuderm reviews for more details.

6- Get an eye mask

Wear it cold at night before you sleep and in the morning when you get up. This helps relax constricted veins around your eyes.  It also opens up your veins to allow more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to come flooding in.

7- Diet and exercise

You can only achieve healthier, more energetic eyes by eating well and working out regularly. Staying away from processed foods is a top strategy. Follow up by learning to prepare your own healthy meals. Find ways to stay active outside of your regular workouts.

8- Try to get more sleep

If you can take a power nap at work at midday, do that.  Cut down on your prep times by planning ahead so you can enjoy more downtime. One example is to plan out your meals weekly. Prep what you can ahead of time, including boiling your meat and cutting your veggies. Learn breakfast and packed lunch recipes that you can prepare beforehand and safely store. Buy yourself more time to get up later in the morning and earlier at night.

9-  Makeup

First, find a concealer and foundation that match your natural skin color. If you have pigments around your eyes, you should examine their color and then, get a concealer that neutralizes their color. Second, apply your products in this order: eye cream, pigmented concealer, foundation, and concealer in your skin tone. Third, blend well using quality brushes and sponges.

10- Learn to manage your stressors

Your everyday life doesn’t have to feel as if you are beating the clock all the time. Get everybody involved in household chores. Manage. That does not mean you have to be the one to do everything.


When you believe that you’ve done everything you can but still see puffy eyes, schedule a visit with your doctor. There are instances when puffy eyes are the symptom of a more serious health issue and getting yourself checked out is a must.

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