Top 10 UG Careers to Make You Future-Ready

Employers across the world are trying to fill in a vast number of in-demand jobs that are mostly unheard of among students. If you are provoked with the idea that a graduate degree is the best way to boost your employment growth, you are so right! Check out the following list of high-demand careers that you can achieve right after completing an undergraduate degree.


  1. Actuary – A career as an actuary will require you to possess a good understanding of probability, statistics, and risk analysis, as your primary target is to gather and evaluate data to calculate the financial costs of risks associated. Actuaries are in high demand in the insurance industry, where they are responsible for evaluating risks across all business areas.
  2. Biomedical Engineer – Biomedical engineers work in a combined sector of biology, healthcare, and engineering. They are hired by biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, and research labs, where they work in collaboration with healthcare professionals to develop a variety of medical instruments.
  3. Cardiovascular Technologist – Cardiovascular technologists work from medical-intensive surgical care units in cardiac rehabilitation centers or hospitals. They specialize in invasive or non-invasive cardiovascular technology, which they employ to carry out critical heart surgeries.
  4. Computer Systems Analyst – Computer systems analysts are experts at designing and developing computer systems and provide systems requirements to software developers and network architects. They possess intricate knowledge about information flow through every operating system, which makes them highly-desirable in almost every industry.
  5. Cost Estimator – Cost estimators help businesses decide whether manufacturing a product or building a structure is legitimate by evaluating factors such as labor, supplies, specialized equipment, and location. Although most cost-estimators work in the field of construction, these decision-makers can choose to work in plenty of other industries.
  6. Healthcare Manager – Healthcare managers, typically oversee medical practices across a range of healthcare facilities. Besides evaluating the need for services, employees, and equipment, they are also accountable for ensuring whether a healthcare facility adheres to government regulations.
  7. Network Administrator – Network administrators oversee the operation of a company’s computer network. These professionals prefer to stay current with the latest technologies and are mostly hired by large MNCs to manage and administer routers and switches.
  8. Physical Therapist Assistant – Physical therapist assistants possess advanced nursing skills and work at orthopedic hospitals. They help patients and accident victims to overcome their physical problems. Their demand is expected to rise due to the ever-increasing health necessities of the aging population.
  9. Registered Nurse – Licensed nurses combine compassion with health technology to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients, thereby promoting the health of the patients. These professionals can find employment in hospitals, clinics, corporations, as well as carry out private practice.
  10. Software Developer – Software developers are creative who design, develop, test, and maintain software to evaluate the needs of a company, create solutions, and customize various software. These professionals will continue to be in demand until the world demands newer applications.


What do you think of the career mentioned above opportunities, and which one suits you the most? If any of these profiles have sparked interest in you, then go ahead and undertake a UG Admission today!


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