Top 15 Tips on How to Brand a WordPress Site

WordPress has been around for more than 17 years, and it is still one of the leading website builders, blogging platforms, and content management systems (CMS) currently on the market. This isn’t a crazy coincidence.

Thanks to their constant work to be at the forefront of everything related to designers and marketers, they’ve managed to keep customers and users happy with this tool’s performance. Its usability is one of the main features that the best branding agencies enjoy.

Today having a website that properly represents your brand can make or break your business. Because now people don’t go window-shopping to find new products, they search online for what they need and see what the search engine throws at them.

Only if a product or service website engages them, provides helpful information, and is easy to use will they consider doing business. By aligning a website to your brand with a good user experience design that shows your authenticity, you ensure positive results from a user’s visit to your site.

Here we will look at how you can brand your WordPress website with 15 easy tips to make your website the door to success for your business:

Tip #1: Don’t Forget About Your Favicon

Not sure what a favicon is? Have you seen those tiny icons that are displayed on the tabs of a browser when you are on an excellent website (because lame websites don’t have favicons)? Well, that’s called a favicon.

It can be the same as your logo or a completely different one. If you use your logo, make sure it is readable, and you are not just making something super elaborate into a tiny thing that will look more like a stain than a logo. Regardless, the most important thing is that it is instantly recognizable and associated with your brand so that the user can always know who he is interacting with.

Tip #2: Consistency is key: Color and Typography

The color and typography used in your website and other social media platforms (and even packaging) should always be consistent. It is the simplest way for a user or visitor to recognize your brand wherever it goes.

Tip #3: Consistency is key: Graphics

Well, consistency is genuinely vital, so even the graphics you use should be aligned across all your advertising campaigns, websites, social media, electronic and paper mail, etc. You want the user to know when they are dealing with you, just by how something looks, recognizes you, and always feels the same way.

Tip #4: Choose the Right WordPress Theme

WordPress allows you to choose a theme for your website designs. Although you are always free to make as many changes as possible to it (or even change the whole theme) in a heartbeat, choosing the right team and thinking about the functionality and the plugins that come with it is an essential first step to achieving a consistent and well-thought-out website.

Tip #5: Always Present Exceptional Content

Not just have a site for the sake of having one. Make it something valuable to your users by always providing exceptional content. Make it a goal to publish the best content, be purposeful, and have accountability, posting regularly. However, don’t forget that users are highly visual, so it is best to add great graphics to your content to make it stand out.

Tip #6: Choose the Layout for Your Site

Although you want all the page elements to be consistent and match the brand’s voice and style, you also need to make sure you have a layout that is easy to read and pleasant for the eyes. Remember never to lose usability. Your priority will always be to provide a user-friendly website.

Tip #7: Spend Time on Your Web Design

Another way to present your brand to your visitors or customers is by the design of the website. This is going further and more profound than the layout or the color palette. Web design will show how you want your users to feel on your website by presenting content in different ways and guiding them through the use of various elements and styles of navigation.

Tip #8: Don’t be shy to use video content

Research done by Cisco foresaw that by 2021, the web would predominantly consist of video content. And we have seen this is true. Things like TikTok, Reels, and other platforms for videos have grown exponentially, and it is due to how much users love to see the video. So, seize this opportunity and get filming!

Tip #9: Know your Niche

Every website will be successful if it knows its target audience. No website is for ‘everyone. Each niche will be addressed on each website, which gives a website its hidden power. If the brand and designer understand their niche, they’ll provide the site they are looking for. Remember to research what content to offer and what design elements will be better for your future customers. 

Tip #10: Avoid Annoying Ads

As with everything in life, there should be a balance. Whether you depend on ads or not, having too many ads will only harm your site. It gives a chunky and cluttered look to the page. So, if you can avoid ads, that’s even better, but if you must have them, keep them to a minimum to maintain the look you want on your page.

Tip #11: Reach out to Influencers

Although there is a lot of laughing at influencers in pop and meme culture, they are an excellent way for you to have a wider reach. They already have a considerable following that values their opinion. So, reaching out to them can benefit you both. There are specialized services like Buzzsumo to research and connect with the right influencer to help your brand grow.

Tip #12: Email Subscription is Always a Good Idea

Don’t underestimate email subscriptions. They are an excellent opportunity to reach your audience directly and turn some visitors into potential buyers. Everyone checks their mail every single day, so seize this opportunity. However, remember not to become obnoxious with them. Show them how to sign out from the subscription whenever they want and don’t overfill their inbox.

Tip #13: Use the Helpful Plugins Available

WordPress is excellent for plugins. And plugins are great for your website. So, grasp the opportunity they give you to enhance and improve the look and performance of your site and help you in the creative and design process as well.

Tip #14: Link to Social Media

Make your brand consistent by linking your site to all your other social media platforms. This will allow users to engage with you on whatever platform they like the most but always know that wherever they look, your brand will always receive them and give them the same feel. Additionally, linking your website and social media together will allow you to increase your traffic and reach a much wider audience.

Tip #15: Remain Authentic and True to Yourself

In this supersaturated (at least feels like that) online world, remaining authentic and honest will give you a competitive edge and help you stand out. People don’t care that much about a specific product or service anymore; they care about the brand, mission, and values of a company. By staying genuine and honest, you will connect deeper with your customers, and they might stick with you for life.

Standing out from the mass of millions of sites that are out there on the Internet is no easy task. However, if you take these tips on board and focus on showing your style while also focusing on your user, you will improve your chances by a thousand or morefold. Find your rightful place in cyberspace by following these tips and techniques and staying consistent with your brand. 

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