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Top 3 Methods to Convert Image to Excel Spreadsheet

JPG is a well-known image file format that is regularly used for significantly storing digital pictures and graphics around the internet. It is indicated as the most common photo format that mainly supports digital cameras and several operating systems (OS) just because of its small size.

On the other hand, MS Excel document format is mainly taken into account for organizing data without losing the formatting of the data. And, now you can consider the image to excel converter online in order to extract text data from images and store them in an organized Excel data format.

Make an Instant Practice

Yes, simply navigate to the authorized source of which provides the best image to excel converter for turning JPG into Excel using the OCR feature. The best thing is that just drag n drop the JPG image into the JPEG to Excel converter to make instant text extraction without any formatting distortion.

Apart from that, we are going to shortlist some best photos to the Excel converter source that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature for extracting text from images and storing it in MS excel document format. You just have to stick with the below-mentioned JPG file to Excel converter to export JPG as Excel organized data format.


OnlineOCR name clearly reveals that this image to Excel converter makes JPG to Excel document conversions using the OCR feature. The upside about this application is that it not only allows you to change images to Excel files but also works for converting images to MS Word and text as well.

The upside is that this online OCR application comes with 40 different languages to recognize the files. Moreover, now you can easily make conversions for JPG, BMP, or PNG image files into text output formats while retaining the original formatting or the uploaded file.

Remember that it uses an advanced version of OCR for extracting text from the images and allows you to convert at least 20 files at once. No matter whether you’re using mobile phones (iPhone/Android) or Operating Systems (Windows/Linux/Mac), it works efficiently for free.

How to turn Image to Excel with OnlineOCR?

Step 1:

  • l  In the very first step, you ought to simply choose the “Select File” option that allows uploading a JPG image that you want to convert to MS Excel file format

Step 2:

  • l  Now, you ought to swiftly make a selection for the language and simply set the file format as Excel

Step 3:

  • l  At last, you have to hit the “Convert” button to quickly change the JPG image to Excel spreadsheet format

Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor

Wondershare is indicated as an affordable and easy-to-navigate application that lets you deal with organizing, managing, and converting different files format. An image to excel converter is one of the best sources among PDFelement through which you can make OCR JPG to Excel conversions without any quality distortion.

The greatest thing about this handy converter is that it assists you in exporting JPG as Excel file format across mobile, desktop, and web.

Remember that this program assists you in changing the sizes, colors, and even the font styles of the text and shapes for free of cost. It comes with a user-friendly OCR interface through which one can quickly make conversions for different file types and is indicated as easy to navigate platform for beginners.

How to change the JPG image to Excel with PDF element?

Step 1:

  • l  Initially, you ought to simply launch the PDFelement program and make an instant click on the Create PDF icon to launch the JPG image file that you want to convert

Step 2:

  • l  Once you people have launched PDFelement by Wondershare, you can find that it was created into an image-based PDF document format. And, you will there get a notification bar pop-up that reminds you to swiftly execute the OCR technique

Step 3:

  • l  In this step, from the OCR pop-up window, you ought to choose the “Scan to editable text” option and make a selection for the correct language by simply creating a click on the “Change Languages” button corresponding to your preferences

Step 4:

  • l  At the last step, you people need to click on the Convert button and hit on the “To Excel” button at once to turn the JPG image into an Excel spreadsheet file. From the “Save as type” option, you ought to simply choose to turn JPG into XLSX

The online converter

It is another authorized web-based application that offers a free image to Excel converter and even lets you extract the image to text using advanced OCR and save all data into MS Excel format. Just make a couple of hits to make Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files of the uploaded JPG images with the assistance of this online JPG to Excel converter.

No matter how frequently you want to process conversions from images into xlsx worksheets, this converter works efficiently for you. Besides that, now you could easily export images in Excel data file format without distorting the formatting of the original document.

Also, no installation and daunting steps involve making save one or even multiple JPG images into the Excel files. It does not only allow you to turn JPEG into Excel file format, but also lets you change JPG to PDF, SVG, PDF, and more for free of cost.

How to Convert Image to Excel Online?

Step 1:

  • l  At first, you need to drag n drop the JPG or JPEG image file format into this JPG file to the Excel converter

Step 2:

  • l  Press the Convert button and let this converter uses the advanced OCR feature to extract and store the JPG image data in Excel format online

Step 3:

  • l  Once you people have done with all, its time to save the newly converted Excel xlsx file formats onto your desired location

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