Top 4 Branding Steps To Make Your Business Stand Out

What Is Branding?

Branding is a means of demonstrating ownership and stretches deep into the history of agriculture. One cow, sheep, goat, or other traveling livestock animal could get off an owner’s land and go traipsing through some other rancher’s property. Without a brand, that other rancher is apt to consider the animal his own, and how can this be disproven?

So the brand was invented. But in modernity, branding of a corporation’s products or services takes on a slightly different flavor. Now branding isn’t just about showing ownership, it’s simultaneously about communicating a particular uniqueness defining a given business. More than just ownership, a modern “brand” has a level of quality to uphold.

Also, branding makes a company more visible. As a cow is branded with a hot iron in the shape of a ranch’s sigil, so modern brands have a “logo” accompanied by a “slogan” and related mission statements. Brands of today have a particular corporate culture they must fulfill. But beyond these basic brand realities, branding also facilitates marketing visibility.

1. Emphasize Unique Qualities Of Your Brand In Marketing

What separates your brand from the rest? Do you have better prices? Strong customer service? More robust selection? Are your products or services more qualitative? Do you provide something no one else does? Determine what your specific unique qualities are and lean into them. Make those unique aspects of your business exceptionally visible.

A great example is Apple and Burger King. Apple’s slogan? “Think Different”. Burger King’s was “Have it your way”. Now Apple is doing a bit better than the king of burgers, but keep in mind both had stiff competition: McDonald’s and Microsoft.

So the slogan of both represented a brand culture built around uniqueness extended to clientele. That’s emphasizing unique qualities in marketing, specifically through a slogan appended to all associated advertisements.

2. Explore Customized Labeling Options

Good labels do a lot to make your business stand out. You can customize them to be exceptionally unique in terms of aesthetic design, you could make labeling include multiple uses—like Crown Royal’s purple sack, or you could put coupons on labels to encourage engagement. Explore options like Deepking Labels to find labeling options that fit your brand.

3. Calibrate Brand, Slogan, Logos, And Designs To Clientele

So the “brand culture” of Apple and Burger King was all about uniqueness, and that has been a successful marketing strategy for either corporation over the years. But something else to consider is just how your specific clientele regards your brand. What do they want, what do they need, what are their “pain points”, how do you help fix those pain points? Incorporate that into branding.

Expanding Positive Brand Impact

Be consistent, calibrate brand outreach to match clientele, use specific packaging that precisely matches your brand identity (perhaps even providing a little something extra through coupons or what-have-you), and emphasize your business’s unique qualities.

Tactics like these should help your brand stand out and more effectively engage target audiences.

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