Top 4 Jewelry Trends

As the runway shows in the biggest fashion capitals of the world are wrapping up, new trends for the upcoming seasons are starting to emerge. And out of all the new designs and intricate clothing and accessories, it seems like next year’s jewelry trends are the most appealing and attractive feature that has caught everyone’s eye.

From oversized statement pieces to punk and even boho vibes, designers truly got playful this season and proved that experimenting with bold and daring looks truly pays off. So, here are some of the biggest jewelry trends that will take 2020 by storm:

Jewellery Trends

1- Layered chunky bracelets

One of the most interesting yet quite unexpected jewelry trends, bold, chunky bracelets were a popular choice for this season’s intricate runway looks. Some designers opted for metallic cuffs in gold and copper tones, worn on both wrists and almost resembling the famous Wonder Woman look.

Others went with a more futuristic approach, choosing clear, wide, and disk-like pieces that looked like utilitarian sci-fi jewelry and undoubtedly redefined the meaning of the word ‘cool’. However, the most popular bracelet look that was seen on the catwalks was resin and acetate cuffs in warm and neutral autumnal colors, ranging from light beiges to dark chocolate browns.

Layered one on top of the other, these chunky bracelets gave models a truly free-spirited, bohemian vibe, especially when they were paired with long, flowy outfits. It’s safe to say that this neutral, earthy aesthetic is going to be a big hit during the spring and summer.

2- Sexy chokers and chains

A revived ‘90s trend that is here to stay, chokers will undoubtedly be one of the biggest jewelry trends in 2020. While some over-the-top spiky, shiny, and bejeweled chokers were seen on the runways, the dark, grungy aesthetic still seems to be the most popular option.

Sometimes paired with metal chokers or layered with two or three dainty chains, velvet and faux leather black chokers were all the rage this season. From classic plain black chokers to beautiful gold detailing and a few crystal-like pendants, designers incorporated all variations of this ‘90s classic into their looks, and there is no doubt we’ll be seeing them all over Instagram come 2020.

If you want to hop on this trend as well, you can shop for fashion jewelry online in Australia that perfectly fits this cool and bold rocker chic theme.

3- Dramatic oversized brooches

One of the most unexpected yet incredibly fun and interesting trends for the upcoming year, big and colorful brooches were gracing almost every chic runway look this season. Even though most of us tend to view this accessory as something old and outdated, as most recent trends, brooches are making a comeback in new and reinvented forms.

Instead of dainty and elegant pieces, designers have opted for dramatic, colorful, and intricate brooches to contrast the popular neutral and cozy aesthetic. Mostly embellished with brightly-colored rhinestones, shiny oversized brooches gave a pop of color to anything from minimalist, monochromatic outfits to oversized plaid blazers.

While you don’t need to go all out with such large embellishments, it would be a great idea to spice up your outfits in the upcoming seasons by pinning a smaller yet impactful retro brooch to your lapels.

4- Chic bohemian accessories

Unlike the hippie styles we’ve been seeing over the last few seasons, designers have now adopted a more relaxed, free-spirited aesthetic reminiscent of those laid-back bohemian vibes. As an increasing number of fashion brands are embracing a more sustainable and eco-friendly mentality, most of the boho chic jewelry that was seen on the runways was upcycled or handmade from natural materials.

Earrings were wooden or net, sometimes covered in colorful leftover yarn, but mostly in oversized styles that hung as low as the shoulders. Necklaces were long and layered, covered in endless cream and brown feathers, sometimes paired with delicate chains, but always making an impactful statement.

A simple look you can effortlessly incorporate into your style, boho accessories are ideal for the upcoming spring and summer months.

Chic bohemian accessories

As designers release their creativity and unmatched artistry onto the runways, a wide spectrum of new trends and tendencies appear.

From dark, ‘tough chick’ vibes to relaxed bohemian details, with some seriously stunning rhinestones on the side, the jewelry trends for next year are as varied as they are daring and exciting to try out.

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