Top 5 Benefits Of Buying A Granny Flat

Constructing or renovating a house can be a big task. If you are shifting to another place due to work or any other reason, constructing a house there can be an even bigger headache. What if I tell you that you can carry your house with you wherever you go? If that’s what you want, granny flats are just the type of house you are looking for.

From an additional space in your home to a completely detachable house, granny flats have a lot of advantages. Buy granny flats with Todd Devine Homes and cherish the advantages that come with it. It can be considered smart if you invest in granny flats now because the growth in their usage will definitely be fruitful in the future.

Some of the benefits of buying a granny flat are listed below:


  1. Transportable House:

The prime advantage of owning a granny flat is that it’s transportable. If you have to move to some other place due to some reason, instead of starting from scrap for constructing a new house, you can transport your granny flat from your previous habitat.

Granny flats are considered convenient for people who travel a lot and don’t stay at a place for more than a few years.

  1. Auxiliary Space:

Although granny flats are small themselves, they provide an excellent means of auxiliary space for the main house. You can connect these to the main building and use its space as additional storage or as a place for friends and family members to stay.

You can also transform an ordinary granny flat into an art shop or workspace to avoid distractions that you might face in the main house.

  1. Affordable Housing:

As compared to constructing a permanent house, constructing a granny flat is considerably cheap. The main reason for this is that on-site construction takes more time and manpower. Granny flats can also be considered affordable housing because when you move to a new place, you don’t need to construct another permanent house there when you own a portable house.

Granny flats are worth every penny you invest in them.


  1. Additional Earning:

Along with additional space, granny flats are also a dominant means of additional earning. If you are an artist, you can transform the granny flat into your own personal exhibition hall. It can be both affordable and attractive for people who can be interested in your art.

By modifying the extra space into a shop or giving the place to renters, it can serve as a satisfactory mode of earning additional income.

  1. Increases Property Value:

Selling your property can be considered a difficult piece of work. Lacing your property with benefits is what attracts buyers to it. Adding a granny flat to your house can increase its value by 25%. As granny flats come with so many advantages, buyers believe that investing in them can be profitable in the future.

Granny flats increase your property value and are surely a smart investment.

There are so many advantages of owning a granny flat that their utilization is increasing at a high pace over time.

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