Top 5 Best Nike Air Shoes for Runners

Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman were very intentional in naming “Nike.” The name bears its origin from the Greek goddess of victory, the company was bound to enjoy enormous success.

The pair started designing various shoes around 1964. Since then, Nike has honored its famous slogan ”just do it” by staying committed over the years. It’s no surprise that Nike Air shoes continue to be a favorite among many consumers.

Nike has the ideal athletic shoes for you. It doesn’t matter whether you want to pick up outdoor running as a hobby or you are getting ready for a marathon.

Keep reading as we discuss the top five best Nike Air shoes for runners in detail.

1. Nike Alphafly FlyKnit

After training so hard for the upcoming marathon, the last thing you want is to run in uncomfortable shoes.

If your current pair causes you slight discomfort now, it will only worsen over time. The best solution is to get a new pair. Besides, it’s always wise to try out your running shoes before the big day.

Nike carbon finer running shoes are the best for marathons. Even Eliud Kichige was wearing the Alphafly Next % Flyknit when he ran the sub-two-hour marathon.

Don’t get me wrong; he didn’t win the marathon because of the shoes. But they facilitated his run in one way or another.

Runners have admitted that the athletic shoes add an extra bounce to your step. The dual air pods at the front and the wider base will facilitate stability in your step. Not forgetting that it has a soft cushion all around.

This Nike shoe weighs about 7.4 oz for men and 6.5 oz for women. It has a stack height of 40mm/36 mm with a drop of 4 mm. It’s the most ideal for marathon racing.

2. Nike Air Max 95

If you want something that will reflect your style and still promise peak performance, go for the Nike Air Max 95. Nike fans love the fresh, distinct look of the shoe.

The Air Max 95 is a favorite among loyal fans with its various neon color options. Lozano borrowed the design from the human anatomy, with the rippled sides imitating muscle fibers.

The Nike Air Max uses two air units that amplify the feel of walking in the air. There have been various modifications to the original model giving rise to the ultra-SE, the Ultra Jacquard, and the essential. The make has been around for twenty years and remains a favorite among many.

3. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Training with a bad shoe will only affect your game. What’s worse is that it can lead to soft injuries that affect your performance.

If you are looking for a shoe fit for long distances, pick the Pegasus 38. This trainer shoe has been around for about thirty-eight years. Thus, it has undergone intentional remodeling over the years.

The new athletic shoes still have a full-length midsole. It’s embedded with a Nike Zoom air unit that enhances springy and soft landings.

Newer models have extra padding along the heel counter and tongue. The shoe has a wide forefoot to create room for your toes. The Pegasus 38 is one of the best shoes you can buy from the Nike collection.

Priced at around 120 dollars, it gives most runners value for their money. The running shoes weigh about 10.2 oz for men and 8.5 oz for women. With a stack height of 33mm/23mm and a drop of 10mm, the shoe is a perfect fit for most long-distance runners.

4. Nike Air Vaporfly

Runners will admit that short-distance races are the hardest to win. Long-distance races give the runner time to build up speed.

Yet, any slight errors in a short-distance race can mess up everything. Thus, you have to be careful when shopping for short-distance running shoes.

The Vaporfly has all the features you desire. It has a full-length carbon fiber plate with a layer of the lightest foams.

The midsole has a bouncy feel which makes the runner feel light on their feet. The extra spring gives the runner an extra boost when they need it the most.

However, you may need to train a bit more with this pair before getting used to it. Some runners complain that its narrow rear makes it unsteady. While others report that if you run fast enough, the shoes feel steady.

If you feel like you can’t pick up speed fast enough, it’s wise to opt for more stable options like the Flyknit. The pair weighs about 6.9 oz for men and 5.8 oz for women. The stack height is 40mm/32mm with a drop of 8mm.

5. Nike Air Structure 24

If you are a runner with flat feet, you must have experienced extreme discomfort from time to time. What’s worse is that you can develop a gait style if you ignore the situation. People with flat feet should use special shoes when running.

Runners love Nike Air shoes because of their attention to detail. Designers at Nike understand that flat-footed people experience more foot injuries. Doctors recommend that flat-footed people use shoes with more rigidity.

Thus, Nike set out to make the best running shoes for people with flat feet. They added a support at the heel that reduces torsional movement.

If you are looking for a softer feel, this pair may not be ideal. Yet, people with flat feet appreciate the firm cushion.

The Best Nike Air Shoes

The above list compiles the best Nike air shoes for various occasions. If you desire to run a marathon or participate in a short-distance race, you can now choose the ideal shoe.

The longer the shoe has been around, the better. It signifies that it has several remodels.

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