Top 5 Digital Transformation Current and Future Trends

Technology has been developing nicely in the last decade, but the pandemic has accelerated this transformation.

There have been digital transformations in all sectors and industries, and many companies are forced to rethink their digital strategies. As a result, we have many great trends, but there are more yet to come.

The internet is even getting better and faster and it is forcing companies to go digital in order to reach all of their users. So, if you are part of this digital transformation, let’s see the current trends to follow and what we can expect in the upcoming years. 


As more companies are going through digital transformation, the world has seen major “holes” in security. Companies want their data to be safe and there has been an increase in vulnerability and cybersecurity risks.

The year 2021 has also seen a record high of security breaches, so it is no surprise that every industry is putting emphasis on cybersecurity.

Many companies are now taking advantage of AI, machine learning, and robotics process automation to improve their security. They use these technologies to mitigate this security threat, making cybersecurity a priority today. 

5G Technology

The adoption of 5G technology is projected to increase in the upcoming years, and it is expected to increase significantly. With 5G technology, we can expect more strength and this can provide a lot more strength to companies in speed, better and larger device connectivity, and benefits.

With this technology, companies can easily speed up their implementation of digital solutions and thus improve their internet-based software. Even users can expect a lot more benefits, speed, and better connectivity with more and more devices supporting this technology. 

The Video

Even though video is not new technology, it still plays a major role in digital transformation. What’s more, video content and format have become a huge trend online.

People are today consuming content through social media much faster than on any other channel and video seems to be the leader that promises to stay here in the future, too. 

That is why this type of content has changed the digital marketing industry especially. But not only that, there are even other industries affected by this trend, such as entertainment. You can even get a physical album with video playing on it, like VideoBox albums for example.

So, it is safe to say that video has influenced a lot of industries, making them rethink how they are marketed and it has even brought new products to us. 

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Another thing that is going digital is access to customer data. Companies who want to achieve optimum decision-making, readily rely on CDP. This is software that is essentially a unified customer database that provides real-time customer data, and the pandemic has intensified the use of this technology.

CDP can also help facilitate digital transformation by providing vital and relevant data regarding customer behavior which can fuel the implementation and development of digital solutions. 

A good example is the automotive industry. Such companies can combine customer and weather data and use it to create an AI-based predictive model. This can help provide driver accident risk insights, improving cars, software, and people’s safety. 

Business Automation 

As businesses are going through digital transformation, they are looking for ways to automate tasks and processes. Automation is a huge trend and it promises a lot in the future as companies are now investing in robotic process automation.

This enhances all business processes and can significantly improve the quality of business, services, and even products.

Additionally, hyperautomation is another technology that helps businesses successfully go through digital transformation. 

With hyper automation, companies can more efficiently examine, identify and automate various IT and business processes.

Additionally, they can lower their costs and even lower automation maintenance costs with autonomic systems with dynamically modified algorithms that optimize automation workflow.

However, even though automation can help businesses cut costs and improve their work, implementation of automation can be expensive. That is why companies need to truly understand the scope and ROI before they start the implementation of such solutions.

It seems like we are only at the beginning of major digital transformation trends and changes. New technologies are emerging fast, and more and more companies are going digital.

With that, new solutions are needed, we need faster ways to complete processes and this is where technology comes in to help us.

These several trends are already in motion, and they are promising even more benefits and efficiency in the upcoming years.

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