Top 5 Hire Facilities You Need for a Construction Site

Construction sites can be busy and potentially dangerous places which makes providing all the essential facilities workers need vital. Doing this will help to keep them safe while also ensuring they have the basic amenities needed to carry out their job. If you have a poorly arranged site with none of the crucial facilities in place, it will be a disaster from start to finish!

But what are the five critical things to have in place on your construction site?

1. Toilet hire

Portable toilet hire is definitely something all construction sites need to have. It goes without saying that this is a basic facility that you must have in place to look after your workers’ welfare. It also means they save time in having to nip off-site to answer the call of nature each time!

There is actually a great choice in toilet hire for sites now with standard recirculating and hot wash recirculating models to choose from. This makes it easy to hire the toilets you need while staying within budget. Check out Viking Rental for budget-friendly portable toilets for rent.  

2. Welfare unit

Many of the fundamental facilities you should have on a site are based around protecting the welfare of workers and making it a nice environment to be in. Welfare units are a classic example of this as they give workers somewhere to relax when on a break or eating lunch. If the weather turns bad, it also provides shelter until it clears. Modern welfare units can encompass many features like canteen space, drying rooms, hot water, and power for kettles or microwaves.

3. Temporary management offices

Running a construction site requires considerable planning and admin work. Trying to do this out in the elements or in the on-site canteen is just not feasible. One key facility, therefore, is hiring office space for management figures to use.

Modern site cabins are not only comfortable but also spacious to help make managing the site much easier. By hiring site cabins to use as offices, you will find it much simpler to keep on top of the build and give workers a central place to find you if required.

4. Temporary fencing

It is not only the safety of your workers to consider when it comes to making your site secure. Erecting sufficient temporary fencing is a must to keep the public out and let them know it is a building site. Doing this is vital to stop young children from wandering onto the site to play.

Naturally, this could be very dangerous with so many potential ways to injure themselves. Temporary fencing will also stop any vandals from breaking in to steal equipment or wreck any work that has already been done.

5. Generator hire

You may be working on a site that has no access to the main power grid or an unstable power supply. If this is the case, hiring a generator is crucial to keep everyone working. From powering equipment to give a steady supply of electricity for lighting, cooking, or heating, a generator is another essential facility for many builds. Without one, you will simply find yourself unable to work and unable to complete the project on time.

By far the best option is to get all the critical facilities shown above in place before work begins. This will lead to fewer delays as your workers will have everything needed to start work immediately. It will also keep morale high as they will have the basic facilities needed to feel happy when working. If you will be managing a construction site soon, then it really is vital to consider everything you need well in advance.

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