Top 5 Most Dangerous Jobs That Pay Well, to Boot

Every job you’ll take in the United States of America has its potential dangers, so it makes sense to find dangerous jobs that pay well for your time and efforts.

An estimated 5,100 work fatalities occurred in the US in 2021 alone, but working with trained professionals will help you avoid injuries while bringing home the bacon.

Knowing the skills you’ll need to overcome potential dangers is essential for a long career in your chosen field. Proper safety equipment also gives you better odds of surviving each workday.

The good news is that you’ve found the right guide to learning more about hazardous jobs that pay well in the US. Keep reading to learn about the top five jobs today!

1. Ranch Manager

Running a ranch sounds romantic to anyone who has seen Yellowstone, but it’s a dangerous job and a ton of work. You’re working outdoors in the elements with farm animals that weigh up to 10 times your weight. That’s not including the heavy machinery you’ll work with each day.

It’s easy to see how one wrong step could result in bodily harm. Still, it’s a great employment option if you love the outdoors.

2. Commercial Diver

Commercial divers also have hazardous jobs that pay well, and you’re most qualified if you have your scuba diving certification.

It’s also wise to complete Osha respiratory training online if you decide to take your skills below the water’s surface.

You’ll use blowtorches and sledgehammers to complete dangerous jobs in murky waters. Luckily, you’ll get paid more than $100,000 per year for your unique skills and courage.

3. Commercial Fisherman

Odds are you’ve seen commercial fishermen on shows like Dirty Jobs and Dangerous Jobs. It’s not a job for the tame of heart, especially if you suffer from sea sickness.

You’ll face long stints out at sea, and you’ll encounter large storms and waves that could sweep you overboard. You’ll also get paid a tidy sum and work less than other dangerous jobs that pay well.

4. Transmission Tower Climbers

Some jobs are tailor-made for daredevils. Transmission tower climbers need to climb towers that are hundreds of feet tall to fix mechanical and electrical issues. You’ll have to climb with your strength since no bucket will reach that high.

5. Oil Rig Worker

Working on an oil rig is another job that could cause bodily harm while you’re making money. You’ll make more than $100,000 per year, but you’ll face some serious risks in doing so, even with the best safety equipment. Massive storms and falling debris are normal potential dangers from a day on the job as an oil rig worker at sea.

Start Hunting for Dangerous Jobs That Pay Well Today

Money is tight for millions of people across the United States, but you can always find dangerous jobs that pay well to help you cover your bills. Working as a ranch manager is a perfect option if you love being outdoors, while a transmission tower climber is perfect for an adrenaline junky.

You can also have a great work-life balance while bringing home the bacon as a commercial fisherman.

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