Top 5 of the Best Asian Films

There are lots of ways to stay entertained, and one way is to play polskie sloty online. It can be hard to decide what makes a film one of the best. Is it the one with the best-known cast? Could it be one that makes you laugh or cry? Could it just be something that touches you when you watch it, and you want to watch it again and again? It is hard to cater to the taste of everyone, but the following films have been considered to be the Top 5 Asian films.

Ringu (The Ring) – 1998 Japan 

The story revolves around a reporter investigating the death of her niece and friends. They had watched a video that was supposed to lead to death a week after it was watched. To help her investigation, the aunt watches the film, and then the story unfolds. Taken from the 1991 novel by Koji Suzuki, it is not the first version filmed. But, this version by Hideo Nakata does seem to be the widest-reaching. The stars are Nanako Matsushima and Hiroyuki Sanada as the journalist and her ex-husband, while Rikiya Otaka plays her son. Best known will be Rie Ino as Sadako Yamamura as the girl who died and is the cause of the horror.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring – 2003 South Korea

The story follows the lives of an apprentice and a monk. The apprentice struggles, but as seasons go by, he matures and improves. Faced with temptation, he has to decide how to react. A combination of the life lessons of the apprentice and the amazing shots of the changing seasons makes the film popular with many viewers. Directed by Kim Ki-Duk, there is an insight into Buddhism. The cast is Yeong-Su Oh as the Monk; the apprentice played at different stages of life by firstly Jae-Kyeong Seo and then Kim Yeong-min.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – 2000 China

Master Warrior Li Mi Bai searches for the Green Dragon – a sword. Despite some action, this combined love and honor into the story. Choreography is still amazing, so action is not neglected. The main cast members are Chow Yun-fat as Li Mu Bai the warrior and Michelle Yeoh as Yu Shu Lien_ his love, interest, and friend. Directed by Ang Lee, it has been nominated for and won numerous awards, including 4 Oscars.

Natsamrat – 2016 India

Translated, it means The Actor King and is a tragedy. The main character is an actor who is not adapting well to life away from the stage. His behavior leads to conflict within the family, and it seems only his wife can accept and understand him as he is. Originally filmed in Marathi, it was so popular that it has been remade in a number of other languages. Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, the actor Ganpat Ramchandra Belwalkar a.k.a. Appa, is played by Nana Patekar, and his wife Kaveri played by Medha Manjrekar.

Bin Roye – 2015 Pakistan

Translated to English, the film is Without Crying. This is a romantic story but mixed with unrequited love and misunderstanding. There are many twists and turns, including tragedy, but will there be a happy ending? The film is based on the novel by Farhat Ishtiaq. The two main characters Saba Shafiq and Irtaza, were played by Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed. The music is a large part of the appeal, with Balle Balle topping the charts.

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