Top 5 Payment Methods in Online Casinos

When you are selecting a casino to play in, you will definitely check its licenses, if it is allowed to play in your country, the game selection, the bonuses, and so on. But one of the most important factors is the presence of a payment method that you can use. Here, we will check the top 5 methods to fund your account in an online casino.

Top 5 Payment Methods in Online Casinos

 Paysafe Card

Even though this method is not available worldwide, it definitely is gaining in popularity in Germany. This is one of the safest payment methods, and we will explain now why. To pay with Paysafe, you need to open an account in the Paysafe system. After that, you can deposit funds into your Paysafe casino account. To make a payment, you buy a card and enter a 16-digit code that goes with a card. You can buy a card for 10, 25, 50 and 100 Pounds. It is safe because you don’t provide any other financial information, just the unique 16-digit PIN that goes with the card.


It is an electronic wallet that serves in this case as an intermediary between your bank and the service you want to pay for, in your case, the service of an online casino. Everything is easy here. You select Moneybookers as a preferred payment method, provide the requested information and make the payment. In this case, you don’t provide any sensitive financial information, such as the bank card or bank account data.


It is an alternative if you don’t have any accounts in electronic payment systems or in any bank. As well, this is one of the best options if you cannot, for one or another reason, pay in a different way. When you select MoneyGram as a deposit method, you will be provided with the needed data to make a payment. You go with this data to the MoneyGram office and make a deposit.


Bitcoin is one of the newest deposit methods, so, not all casinos accept it. But if your casino accepts this payment option, you should know that it is a perfect way to make a deposit. For that, you need a bitcoin wallet with bitcoins in it. Once you got it, you go to casino deposit options, select Bitcoin. After that, you need to log into your bitcoin wallet, select the option Send Money. Ready? Now, indicate the bitcoin wallet address where you are sending money (one of the online casinos) and your address, and the sum you want to send. Finally, click Send, and that’s it, your money will be credited to a casino account.


Ethereum is the second-popular and second-largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin. That’s why it is not surprising that an increasing number of casinos accept Ethereum for both making deposits and withdrawals. All you have to do is to select this method on a casino payments page. After that, you get the data to make a deposit. So, you log into your Ethereum wallet, provide there the address to which you need to make a payment, and the sum. Click Send, and all is done. Your Ethers are in your casino account now.

As you can see, there are many reliable and fast deposit and withdrawal methods when it comes to good online casinos. Up to you is to select those that are faster, cheaper, reliable and easy to make. It can be anything: a prepaid card, a bank account or card, an e-wallet (there are many of them nowadays), cryptocurrency. You can even pay from a mobile or through Google Play. Select the one that you like and start winning!

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