Top 5 Reasons Why Church Attendance Has Declined

Different churches face different challenges primarily because of their geographical locations. However, a common challenge they all face is that church attendance

Different churches face different challenges primarily because of their geographical locations. However, a common challenge they all face is that church attendance has dramatically decreased in the last 30 years across the globe. Different statistics indicate that four churches close for every new one started. About 60 percent of millennials have stopped going to church, and only less than 25 percent of people below 30 years attend church. Even before the emergence of Covid-19, which led to a drastic drop in church attendance, people were slowly and gradually running away from the church. This article evaluates the main factors that have contributed to the decline of church attendance.

1. Some Christians Choose to Worship at Home or Online

The gradual development of online church services has led to the decline of physical church attendance. For example, the number of people who attend service at Planetshakers Melbourne church has declined because of the introduction of an online presence. Additionally, in an era where people can find almost anything on the internet, some people prefer to worship on their own at their homes. Few people are turning to churches and church leaders for spiritual help because they probably don’t trust the church to help them with their spiritual situations.

. Work and other Social Activities

There were days that employers respected the Sabbath to allow their Christian workers to attend church on such days. However, times and situations have changed. Today, the societies we live in are multi-religious and multi-racial, where people are more concerned about their financial wellbeing than their spirituality. Therefore, some people prefer to work on church days rather than attend church. In addition, Sunday is the perfect day for some people to sleep in, attend family gatherings, or take their kids out.

. The Church is not as Effective as It Was

Nowadays, most people don’t get the spiritual quench they used to years back. Today, most churches focus on consumerism rather than passing on Jesus’ teachings as stipulated by the Bible. When the sermons offered by some pastors do not make any impact on the lives of congregants, they will stop coming to church. In addition, there is widespread hypocrisy and moral failure among church leaders that continuously discourage other believers from attending church.

. Generational Shift

The world has experienced a generational shift that has influenced how many activities have always been undertaken, including church-going. With the generation of millennials, there is reduced loyalty in church, no guilt when they don’t attend church, and reduced trust in authority and institutions. These factors have contributed to the continued detachment of the millennial generation from church and its activities.

. Laziness and Worldly Lifestyle

Statistics indicate that a whopping percentage, 26 percent, of Christians don’t attend church because they do not want to. Most people are lazy and cynical about the role of the church in leading a spiritual life. In return, they find themselves in secular ways, not in line with religion and the church.

The widespread decline in church attendance is worrying. Therefore, all churches like Plantshakers Melbourne church should take action and return the lost sheep to the herd.


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