Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Clearabee Beebags

Are you de-cluttering or renovating your house and waste is piling up? Proper disposal of rubbish can be a challenge, especially when dealing with large items. Waste should not stress you when you can find a skip hire service.

Clearabee can pick up your waste and dispose of it on your behalf. You don’t have to worry about your waste filling up a landfill. They find ways to reuse and recycle 90% of the waste. To effectively collect rubbish they use bee bags. The bags are delivered to homeowners who fill up the skip bags with garbage. The company collects waste bags when full. Therefore, what are the benefits of using Clearabee bee bags?

1. Quick Delivery

You can get a bee bag delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours of placing an order. Isn’t that fantastic? Therefore, if you start de-cluttering in the morning, you don’t have to worry about disposal. Give them a call for instant services. You will pay some fee for same day delivery. However, the company covers the cost for next day delivery of the skip bag.

2. Bee Bags Are Available in Different Sizes

Irrespective of your waste disposal needs Clearabee has you covered. Their skip hire bags are available in various sizes. You can choose a small skip bag that can fit at least two washing machines. The medium bee bag is twice the size of the small skip and is suitable for solid waste. The large skip bag is big enough to fit up to 10 washing machines. It can carry bulky waste. If you fill up the medium bag with excessive garbage, you may incur a surcharge.

3. Disposal of Most Waste Streams

You can fill up your bee bags with any waste. Whether it is soil, waste cement, tiles, and any other construction waste the bin men will pick it up. When you are getting rid of your old furniture and appliances bee bags are your go-to option. However, the collection of televisions, monitors, and refrigerators attracts additional charges due to the hazardous nature of the waste. Also, they prove to be problematic in recycling and may require special processing.

4. Fixed Price

We all prefer to skip hire services because of their fixed price policy irrespective of the amount of waste. The same applies to bee bags. You need to pick a skip bag size that is within your budget. Each volume has a fixed price for both the bee bag and rubbish removal service. Bee bags are an affordable way to get rid of your rubbish.

5. Convenient Waste Pick Up

Skip hire companies require you to be present during rubbish collection. You may have to carry your garbage to the kerb for pick up. With Clearabee once you schedule for a waste collection, they do the rest. Your skip bag needs to be at a comfortable distance for the sanitation workers to collect. The company can pick skip bags located 10 m away from the kerb. The use of vans in the collection causes less disruption in the neighborhood. The dustmen can also maneuver narrow paths to your premises. If you aren’t at home during waste collection, the bin men will pick up your waste. The company usually sends a text message to inform you of the time of the collection.

Clearabee waste collection services stand out for their flexibility and instant service. You can schedule a pickup or order a bee bag on their website or by placing a phone call. Their extensive coverage makes it easier to access their services from any part of the UK. Their dedication to conserving the environment is commendable.


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