Top 5 Social Media Video Hacks To Boost Up Brand Engagement

Social media video content is fastly changing along with the necessary attraction for developing your community and sharing your brand story. However, with a developing list of video aspects on different platforms, there has never been sufficient time to initiate producing high-quality social media videos.

This article identifies the top five hacks to gain more engagement for your brand, where you can boost sales revenue.

Hacks On Social Media Videos 

There are five valuable tricks that every creator or brand owner needs to review while creating their video content on social media. 

1. Record High-Quality Video

Nowadays, social media platforms have the increasing popularity of video content. Both social media users and the platforms themselves expect top-quality content. Recently, Instagram shared its Reels algorithm, which will prioritize blurry videos with reduced resolution.

The good news is that you can record high-quality content from your customized homepage on your smartphone. Are you planning to kickstart your brand’s engagement on TikTok? If so, buy TikTok likes that make your post go viral and visible among the actual and engaging followers. Some of the facts to remember when recording social media videos:

Lighting: Apply strong light effects to record your video near a bright window or choose an economic ring light for more brilliant, clearer videos. 

Audio: Shoot in a quiet space with a perfect backdrop; it accomplishes this by having furniture and delicate items in the room to absorb sound effects. Therefore, it has no echo.

Stability: Work with a tripod, phone holder, or rack to ensure your video is not shaky while shooting your social media videos.

Smartphones: Shoot video content straight from your smartphone, so you do not forget to clean the lens before recording.

2. Begin By Strong Grab

The first few seconds of your video post need to be attractive; if you do not try to attract your user’s attention, they quickly move out of your social media page or video. Therefore, the perfect method to draw your viewer’s attention is going with the attractive grab.

A more vital video creates the fun of your video content concept. Then, you can initialize the desired question or share a more excellent takeaway.  

3. Craft Up a Design Flow

The compelling videos on social media have an evident introduction, core content, and ending climax. One of the favorite flow processes for remembering this format is the formula of 3s.

Therefore, by arranging your video within three tricks or sections, you can be evident and precise. Then, when audiences could easily follow the video, they can make a conversation, leave a comment, or even share it with their followers. 

4. Exhibit Your Face On Video

Are you looking to boost your organic growth for your social media video post? TweetPhoto helps to make your profile grow with more exposure. For instance, Golde initiated her newest product on Instagram by possessing an Instagram Live streaming session to demonstrate and reply to the audience’s questions. 

Tip: Repurpose your video content when you craft an Instagram Reel, even on the TikTok platform. Also, you can perform the same process on the other method around, but remember to remove the TikTok watermark list.

5. Include Text Or Subtitles

Start to include subtitles and text that make you reachable for those with a disability or hearing inability; they also let audiences engage even if their capacity is away. Meanwhile, a few platforms like IGTV, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube produce automatic captions, whereas other platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels need to include the captions manually. Anyhow, both apps have simple text editing tools.

Ensure to use a similar font, colors, and pattern for every video to connect branding on your social media videos. Consider including titles and text on videos that only have music effects in the background that include context for audiences and desires them to sustain watching:

Different video editing apps include subtitles for easier access:

  • Captions for TikTok
  • for desktop
  • InShot

With a vibrant blend of audio and visual factors, a social media video is an effective tool for telling your brand story and providing value for your community. Everything you require is a smartphone and creativity throughout the process.


As a final fact, by processing these influential social media hacks of video posts, you can also use TweetPhoto to foster the organic growth of your brand’s engagement rate by fostering sales revenue. 

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